John Shin: Millionaire Helping Children Around The World Building Child Prosperity Centers

Sir John. C Shin is the entrepreneur, author, and speaker with a mission. After immigrating to America from South Korea with his family as an infant, Shin dedicated himself to making his parents proud. A hardworking student and a martial arts Olympic candidate, Shin excelled in all he did. He attended the University of Southern California where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before securing a Juris Doctorate in Law. While working for the District Attorney’s office, he met his wife and the love of his life, Arlene Shin. 

Arlene introduced him to the financial industry and together the two founded their multi-million dollar company, Axianta Financial Partners. Presently, the company has offices in all 50 states and employs over 10,000 individuals. Shin relied on the principles outlined in Think And Grow Rich, a 1937 book written by Napoleon Hill, to successfully scale his company and motivate his employees. 

For years, Shin’s life mantra has been “Ask without Fear,” so when he had a dream of turning the book into a movie and writing the modern-day sequel, he did just that. The Napoleon Hill Foundation granted his request and in 2017, Shin produced the timeless masterpiece Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon

Hill, into a feature film. A few years later, in 2020, he published his best selling book, How Rich Asians Think, a Think and Grow Rich Publication with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. As word of his success spread, Shin has been asked to speak on multiple stages across the world, inspiring and educating entrepreneurs of all levels. 

Throughout his life, he and his wife Arlene have continued to return to their calling, which is “to help people, protect people, and serve people.” While on a trip to Nicaragua in the early 2000’s the pair were exposed to a village suffering from severe poverty and many orphaned children that both shocked and motivated them to elicit change. Together with their friend, Jeff Levitan, they founded All For One, ( an international charity that is dedicated to changing the lives of children around the world by improving social conditions, educational opportunities, and healthcare availability. Their first initiative was to provide shelter to the 300+ children they found were living on the streets due to abandonment. According to Shin, “the average mother in Nicaragua is only around 14 or 15 and is entirely ill-equipped to provide for a child of their own.” They partnered with the Ministry of Health and Science to develop what they call “Child Prosperity Centers,” which provides food and shelter to orphaned children but is so much more than an orphanage. 

Shin returned once more to his “Ask without fear,” mantra and began reaching out to doctors and surgeons across the nation, asking that they volunteer their time to provide life-altering procedures to the children of this community. Shin was shocked and amazed by the outpouring of support and armed with this renewed confidence in humanity, began to approach large pharmaceutical companies. Together with their support, All For One has been able to provide life saving medications and vaccinations to children in need. They’ve gone on to build urgent care centers, hospitals, and delivery centers to provide a safe space for expectant mothers to receive care and deliver babies. As the charity has evolved, they’ve expanded to 20+ countries and sponsor more than 2,500 children in need. 

As they’ve expanded to new countries, John and Arlene Shin’s eyes have been opened to new tragedies and mistreatment of women and children in the sex trafficking industry. Arlene in particular is passionate about stopping the cycle of domestic abuse and sex trafficking issues that runs rampant throughout the world today. 

In 2019, when word of their philanthropic efforts reached the Royal Order of Constantine the Great, Sir John. C. Shin and Lady Arlene Shin were Knighted for their humanitarian work. Not long after, the two were promoted to Baron and Baroness by the Royal House of Cappadocia and presently serve as Ambassador of North America to the House of Cappadocia. This great, and rare honor, is reserved for individuals who possess exceptional merits in humanities, science, or military achievements.

As Sir John C. Shin and Lady Arlene Shin look onwards, they plan to continue their life mission of helping and protecting as many people as possible. According to Shin, “We continuously return to the question, ‘What is God calling us to?’ Things don’t matter, people do. We recognize that God has blessed us with this wealth, so we are determined to do use our wealth and our influence for the greater good.” To learn more about Sir John C. Shin and All For One, visit

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