John Spach Elaborates Some Key Tips On Improving Office Safety

Many people think that workplace injuries happen in factories, construction sites, or places like that. Not many realize that an office is just as dangerous in terms of workplace injuries as the rest of the places. It is usually because of this attitude that many employees suffer injuries in office environments. Injuries that are entirely preventable with proper training and knowledge.

Research has found, again and again, that office workers are more than twice as likely to suffer injuries as any other workgroup. The most common injuries are falling injuries and back injuries, both of which are easily preventable. The former often happening because of a lack of proper safety protocol, and the latter due to a lack of adequate training.

If office managers focus on improving workplace safety in their offices, they can prevent such injuries drastically. This will not only improve the organization’s bottom line but also create a better work environment.

John Spach’s Tips 

  1. Remove Risks 

Small, often overlooked areas, can create a much larger shadow of risk. Things that can be caught and repaired with regular maintenance often slip through the cracks. It is exactly these kinds of hazards that pose the most significant risks because of how innocuous they seem.

Unsteady shelves and ladders, loose carpeting, tripping hazards, slippery floors, shorting switches. These are all such hazards that seem minor but can lead to significant injuries.

By maintaining a list of such problem areas, companies should focus on proper repair and maintenance of these risk factors. Not only will this reduce the chance of injuries, but it can also stop a problem from escalating into a much larger one.

  1. Proper Equipment 

The most common cause of workplace injury is falling. Employees fall because of two major reasons. The first is because of unassessed hazards, as mentioned above; the second is because of a lack of proper safety equipment.

All offices need a basic set of safety equipment so that their employees can deal with problems before they quickly escalate to major threats. Equipment like fire extinguishers, warning signs, first aid kits, sanitary gloves, stable ladders, and back braces are absolutely essential for each office space.

  1. Employee Training 

By training their employees in basic yet crucial safety protocols, one can reduce office injuries. Simple things like proper form when lifting heavy objects can help employees in avoiding debilitating injuries.

Training on how to use all of the safety equipment present in the office is also necessary. Training also shows employees how to deal with situations safely. When people train for emergencies, they resort to their training instinctually instead of resorting to panic.


By just following these three simple steps, offices can make their workspaces much safer. Not only will workplace injuries be reduced, but it will provide employees with greater peace of mind.

John Spach says that achieving workplace safety is not complicated or hard. Simple steps can have large results. By analyzing key problems and providing better training, one can avoid many workplace injuries.

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