Jonathan Fogelberg Shares the Similarities Between Starting a Business and Bodybuilding

Physical fitness is often considered parallel to everyday life activities, such as work and lifestyle commitments. While the two remain compartmentalized for the majority, some individuals, including Jonathan Fogelberg, have thrived on the fitness boom and built a start-up business on physical health opportunities.

For the select few who understand fitness as a business and a lifestyle, the shared values and truths can bring about success in both spheres. For example, both require a deep, unwavering dedication to your goals in order to achieve them. Fogelberg, who is launching a fitness program entitled the ‘90 Days Challenge’, has shared the key areas in which competitive realities can be transferred to starting a new business.

Dedicating Yourself to Discipline

‘You only get out what you put in’ is a lesson many preach to the next generation. It’s an inconsistent trope that may seem less relevant in the age of influencers and online status. However, staying true to your plan can be pivotal in ultimately reaching fitness and entrepreneurship success.

“The discipline that fitness teaches us, you can apply to your business,” Fogelberg explained.

“You might not want to take that last phone call, follow-up, or reach out to new clients, but doing so is essential to growing your business. Similarly, you need to stick to your plan to get into shape for a bodybuilding show.”

For fitness enthusiasts, that plan may involve adhering to specific dietary requirements or putting a set number of hours into cardio on particular days of the week. Proponents believe the discipline learned through a strict fitness regimen can encourage success in a start-up context.

Addressing and Preventing Hurdles

An initial business plan or fitness program may work in practice, but life’s realities are quick to disrupt the best-laid plans of entrepreneurs or athletes. Seasoned business people will understand that outcomes are shaped by how you address hurdles. The fitness world has some similarities and differences in that regard.

“In bodybuilding, when you eat more calories than you’re supposed to, the only thing you can do is burn them off by either eating less the next day or upping your cardio,” Fogelberg said.

“If you mess up in business, it may take a little longer to rectify, but you know you have to balance out the mistake to move forward. Beginners in both worlds are more prone to hiccups than high-level competitors or business leaders, so it’s important to identify and learn from them.”

Aiming For Achievement

Beyond all else, clear objectives and a desire to succeed define the start-up business and fitness spheres. Competitive athletes are the most illustrative example, as their careers are determined by finish times, distances, and weight measurements. These facets motivate entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts and critically provide a sense of reward once attained.

“When it comes to achievement, bodybuilding is exactly like business,” Fogelberg outlined.

“You give yourself an aim, like reaching a certain weight or revenue number. Once you’ve hit your goal as a start-up business or bodybuilder, you’re not going to stop and go back. People who are that driven will want to add that extra 15 lbs or make that extra million.”

Perhaps the most striking similarity between those who set out to start a successful business and those who crave success in physical fitness is their mindset. What both exemplify is a need to do better and exceed the competition. Motivation comes from the next hot start-up garnering press, thebodybuilder who is up next at the expo, and a drive from within.

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