Jonathan Peter Speaks About His Alternate Career Plan If He Was Not A TikToker

The very happening video-making application TikTok has got millions of users across the globe. The platform used to create short music-based videos is highly popular among the youth as well as the old alike. Many users on the platform have become huge social media personalities who enjoy a massive fanbase from all over the world. Today we tell you about one such popular TikToker named Jonathan Peter whose videos are an escape from boredom. He rose to fame with his hilarious POV videos which made him a star on the video platform.

Originally from South Africa, this bundle of talent is currently based in Los Angeles and is living a life of his dreams. In less than a year, he has got more than 1 million fans on TikTok and the number is still going strong. Moreover, with a total of 27 million likes on his posts, he has created a rage on the lip-sync platform. It is not known to many that his birth name is Chembe Jonathan Peter Phiri and one of the videos of this young guy has gone past 1.8 million likes and is still counting. The TikToker is a trained actor who has been mentored by Jean Bryant, Mike Pointer and Blake Michael.

Recognised for his roles in ‘The Trap’ (2019) and ‘Days of Resilience’ (2019), many creators are in awe of Peter’s working style. Peter who created videos for pass time built a loyal fanbase and his work got immense recognition from the users. His biggest achievement so far has been reaching 1 million fans on TikTok from 0 in a time of 9 months. Making it as his full-time profession, the content creator is working on various concept-based videos and he is planning to collaborate with different creators and brands in the coming year.

When asked about his alternate career plan besides being a TikToker, he said, “I would have become an artist or be in the creative field. However, currently, I am also brushing up my acting skills simultaneously. My experience in short films has made it easy for me to face the camera. Honestly, I always dreamt of being in front of the camera and that dream has come true now.” Being a content creator, the young guy has a strong influence on people. His original, unique yet hilarious content has truly picked up among everyone and today Jonathan Peter is one of the most notable TikTokers of the world.

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