Jordan Langhorne Recalls Journey to Success Through his “Bay Area Sportscards” Business

The memorabilia fanatics around the globe, aspire to own authentic merchandise signed by their favorite icon so that they can have the honor to retain the memories and build a relatively close relationship with them. Even though the considerably rich market presents numerous opportunities for these enthusiasts, it is remarkably taxing to search the verified leads to purchase these memorabilia. While many of these people are simply fans, a huge number of the population are looking at the grinding investment opportunities that are procurable. 

Jordan Langhorne is a businessman and an investor. This young prodigy decided to start his business at the early age of 12. Seeing the opportunity in the memorabilia business, he made up his mind to start a trade in the same. Facebook became a significant platform for his business, as he originated the online group- Autographs 247.

Over the years as his credibility increased, he was able to create an audience of more than 17000 people. But this was not the end of his trailblazing ideas, as he decided to diversify his entrepreneurial journey and explore further. By the time he was a sophomore in high school, he shifted his pivot of operation from memorabilia to sports cards. Subsequently, “Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards”,  “Panini Prizm Sports Cards” were able to hit breakthroughs by reaching 11000 and 30000 respectively.

Whilst the global pandemic was growing unexpectedly, small business suffered immense losses, but Jordan was quick to analyze the stumbling blocks and cultivate an appropriate plan to pull himself back into the market and went on to launch his “Bay Area Sportscards” business in September of 2020 shortly after he turned 18 years old.

He worked very hard on his eBay business that buys and sells graded sports cards. By October 2020, the Bay Area Sportscards eBay store had sold over $100,000 in graded sports cards within 90 days, and by January 1st, 2021, this number was up over $200,000.

Jordan Langhorne believes persistence is the key to success. When you put constant efforts into your business, it results in active involvement as you understand the complexity of it and eventually achieve your organizational goals. Moreover, as you expand your enterprise, you should consistently connect with people and clients in order to build a comprehensive network.

Doing so will ensure a better outreach. When asked about his perspective as a philanthropist, he explains his desire to initiate a movement that would train young minds how to realize their financial goals, by knowing their potential. 


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