Joseph Carter: Building Businesses From The Ground Up

2020 Was a challenging time for society as a whole, especially the economy. Businesses, both large and small, had to find ways to adapt to the new way of conducting business in order to stay afloat. In this case, it meant bringing traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to the fast-growing online world. While some businesses were well-prepared to take on their new online presence, others failed to adapt, causing them to lose their ground in these trying times.

With challenges often comes opportunity and Joseph Carter is a perfect example of that. Realizing just how many of his favorite local businesses were struggling with embracing the internet-based business model. He felt the need to help out with bringing their presence online and aiding in all things business-related. Ranging from logo creation to online marketing, Joseph Carter helped guide businesses through the entire process of establishing a successful business in what can be deemed as quite an overwhelming digital world. And from the ashes, his very own company Secured Leap was born.

Who is Joseph Carter?

Joe wasn’t always living the inspiring entrepreneurial life he is right now. As a matter of fact, his beginnings were quite humble. Joe’s parents divorced at a young age and he was left with taking on the responsibility of being the man of the house. This taught him discipline and strength to persevere in even the toughest situations, something he preaches to his clients, especially in these trying times.

Joe went on to become a building engineer, managing teams of people and multi-million-dollar budgets at the young age of nineteen. While extremely successful and good at what he did, Joe had a different dream in mind, The traditional lifestyle was simply not providing him with the satisfaction he craved from his career.

That is when the idea of starting his venture began to take seed in his mind. He had the drive and the discipline, he also had the knack for leadership, and everything seemed to fall into place as other things fell out of it. Ironically, what should have been considered the worst time of his life, turned out to be Joe’s best.

After a tragic failure of a real estate venture that left Joe with massive debt and broken spirits, he found a glimmer of light in the hopes of helping others in the way that he wished he were helped when his entrepreneurial plans were not panning out the way he hoped. He wished he had the guidance to help him not only during the tough times but rather guide him through the entire process from the beginning, avoiding the mistakes altogether. This is what first sparked the idea of Secured Leap.

Joe knew the online world like no other and he knew business and what he didn’t know, he learned through his own mistakes. His mission to help failing businesses rise from the ashes and bloom into a successful venture in spite of this tough economy was only a matter of time before it transformed into a thriving business that has helped more than a dozen small and large businesses recover from the trying time that the pandemic has brought upon the economy. Currently, Secured Leap is one of the only one-stop shops for both new and existing businesses to bring their venture to the online world, and it is looking to revolutionize the field.

If you or someone you know is in need of help with setting up their online business presence in the form of logo creation, LLC establishment, advertising help, Secured Leap and their team of experts is the best in the field. 

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