Joseph Giardina and North Castle Insurance Agency: Comprehensive, Affordable Insurance Policies in the Tri-State Area

Joseph Giardina, the president of North Castle Insurance Agency in Armonk-North Castle, New York, believes that even when the economy is weak and people are forced to cut back on expenses, life insurance must remain a vital part of any budget.

After twenty years spent guiding clients to the policies that are right for them, he has become an expert on why every family should have a life insurance policy even when it may seem financially difficult.

With life insurance, you can provide for your family when you’re gone.

“The main reason, unfortunately, is that the unexpected can’t, of course, be predicted,” Joseph Giardina says. “We all would like to live to be old and grey, and we certainly feel like we will when we’re young. However, that doesn’t happen for everyone.

I had a client who had to stretch his finances to be able to afford a policy for his young wife and children, and he was never quite sure if he should continue paying for it. Then one day, he suffered an accident at work, and just like that, he was gone.”

Joseph Giardina pauses for a moment, remembering, then continues. “He was only in his early thirties, and his family was left without a provider. On the day of his funeral, I gave his widow a check for $500,000, and that money, which couldn’t bring him back, still sustained her financially as she navigated a new life without her husband.”

It’s why, Joseph Giardina says, he always recommends a life insurance policy no matter what a client’s budget may be. “It can be an enormous blessing for your family when the unexpected tragically happens.”

Retirement can be easier.

Joseph Giardina states another reason life insurance policies are highly recommended is because some can contribute to your plans for retirement. “This is true for permanent and whole life insurance,” he explains. “These policies last for the policyholder’s entire life and have something called “cash value,” which is basically a savings component.

The cash value can be used as a loan to provide some extra income when you are retired, be used for long-term care services, or withdrawn. It’s getting harder to save for retirement, so a policy like this could be beneficial for you.”

Life insurance can cover end-of-life expenses.

Joseph Giardina states that the passing of a loved one is traumatic, and their survivors do not want to have to handle settling their affairs or planning a funeral while they grieve. “Funerals can cost thousands of dollars,” he says.

“If you purchase a life insurance policy, then your beneficiaries can submit any required paperwork and be able to file a claim for the funeral expenses. This will smooth over a process that would otherwise be even more stressful for those you love.”

Joseph Giardina, a trusted insurance expert in the Greater Tri-State area.

Joseph Giardina has been helping individuals, families, and businesses understand and choose insurance policies for the last two decades. He served as the CEO of Metric Records/ Sony/Red/JBR Distribution, President of the Giardina Agency, and President of Ovation Risk Planners. Today he is the President of The Giardina Group as well as The North Castle Insurance Agency.

The dedication of Joseph Giardina to both his clients and his industry has earned him numerous awards and respect among his peers. He has been honored seven times with the Allstate Inner Circle Award and ten times with the Allstate Chairman’s Award. He is a fifteen-time winner of Allstate’s Life Leader Award.

Joseph Giardina is a member of the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation and the Gala Chairman of the National Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Inc. He is also an Honoree of the Chazz Palminteri Child Reach Foundation as well as a Board member of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation.

Today, 27 years after moving to Northern Westchester with his wife and three daughters, Joseph Giardina is deepening relationships with community members and bringing them a friendly, knowledgeable, service-oriented insurance agency.

He welcomes all who live in the Armonk-North Castle area to drop in for a pressure-free chat about the ins and outs of life insurance and how it can provide a solid foundation for their family’s future.

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