Joseph Giardina: What to Know When Looking for Homeowners Insurance

Helping clients choose homeowners insurance is what Joseph Giardina, the president of North Castle Insurance Agency in Armonk-North Castle, New York, most loves to do at his office. “I work with so many people who are new homeowners,” he says, “and it’s a real privilege to help them purchase insurance to protect their dream house.

However, it can be very confusing for some people because of all the fine print and jargon in the policies, so I always take the time to help them understand what they’re purchasing. I believe my clients should understand their policies just as well as I do.”

After his twenty years spent guiding hundreds of clients to the right homeowners insurance, Joseph Giardina has some suggestions for those who are buying a new home and need to buy quality insurance.

Dig into the details of your homeowners policy and make sure you understand it.

“It sounds like common-sense advice, but it’s true: don’t purchase anything until you’re sure of its details,” Joseph Giardina says. “Policies can be hard to understand because of their specialized terms, but any agent worth their salt is going to take the time to explain all of it. If your agent won’t do that, you might consider shopping around for a new insurance agency, one that will take the time to help you. At North Castle Insurance Agency, we don’t rush. We will sit with you and explain everything before you make your decision.” 

Be certain you are getting the coverage you need for your home.

Joseph Giardina explains that the most common mistake made when people buy homeowners insurance is to purchase a policy that contains more than they need. “What you should have will depend on the home you live in,” he says. “For example, there are policies for condos and separate policies for mobile homes. Some premium policies protect homes that are newer and more maintained.

The policy for an older home might cover only its cash value. At North Castle Insurance Agency, we will ask you some targeted questions at the beginning of our conversation with you so that we can guide you to the right policy for your home. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all situation, so the more information you give us, the better your policy will be.”

Shop for value, not the cost of your homeowners insurance.

In leaner economic times, it’s tempting – and understandable – to shop for the cheapest policy. “That might not work out for you in the long term, however,” Joseph Giardina cautions. “Instead, I recommend looking at a combination of factors: yes, the price that you can afford but also the agency itself. What is its customer service like? Insurance is bought one day and typically forgotten about until a disaster strikes.

That’s when you’ll talk to the agency again, in the middle of a stressful situation. I tell my agents that kindness and empathy must be at the center of everything we do because when the worst happens, we are often among the first people our clients call.” Looking for an agency with those kinds of values, says Joseph, should be prioritized with the price you can afford to pay.

Joseph Giardina, a trusted insurance expert in the Greater Tri-State area.

Joseph Giardina has been helping individuals, families, and businesses understand and choose insurance policies for the last two decades. He served as the CEO of Metric Records/ Sony/Red/JBR Distribution, President of the Giardina Agency, and President of Ovation Risk Planners. Today he is the President of The Giardina Group as well as The North Castle Insurance Agency. 

The dedication of Joseph Giardina to both his clients and his industry has earned him numerous awards and respect among his peers. He has been honored seven times with the Allstate Inner Circle Award and ten times with the Allstate Chairman’s Award. He is a fifteen-time winner of Allstate’s Life Leader Award. Joseph Giardina is a member of the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation and the Gala Chairman of the National Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Inc. He is also an Honoree of the Chazz Palminteri Child Reach Foundation as well as a Board member of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. 

Joseph Giardina, his wife, and three daughters moved to Northern Westchester more than 27 years ago. He has since become a pillar of the community, donating his time and money to fundraisers, turkey dinners, and other volunteer events. He works each day to make North Castle Insurance Agency be who residents turn to for their insurance needs. The door is always open for anyone who has questions about the complicated world of homeowner insurance and who needs a friendly agent to show them their options in a pressure-free atmosphere.

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