Joseph Mazino: The Man Behind TikTok Dances

How many times have you opened the TikTok app and spent a crazy amount of hours on it without realizing the minutes were going by? A lot of users nowadays are guilty of this. One minute you are scrolling through your For You Page, and the next, the sun has gone down. TikTok has that captivating quality that keeps individuals trapped one video after the other. The great thing is you get to master new tricks, witness different challenges, and learn new dances. It offers us a little bit of everything.

Dances seem to appear quite often on everyone’s For You Page, making more users click the follow sign on these dancers’ pages. One of the talented young men whose name has become pretty popular on TikTok is Joseph Mazino. With over 22.6K followers, Mazino keeps his audience entertained with new choreographies with the MazinoGang.

The Man Behind The Dance

At 19 years old, Joseph Mazino is a well-known influencer with over 21.7K Instagram followers. This man has always had two passions: sports and dance. He was known as “the sport perfect” at Juilliard Academy in Lagos, Nigeria, for participating in multiple activities such as basketball, football, and track, keeping his sports-driven energy satisfied. He was among the group of students who organized sports competitions against other schools.

Even while being busy playing sports, Mazino could not stay away from dancing. He formed a dance group with some of his friends called “The Transformers” and participated in competitions and talent shows. The team was so talented they won a cash prize at Juilliard’s Got Talent 2.0. This was the first sign this kid would grow up to do something unique with his movements and knowledge. Everybody knew he would go on to accomplish great things, and his large number of followers confirms this.

In 2019, he moved to Canada chasing his dreams and enrolled in Mohawk College in Ontario. He is a Business Major who spends most of his free time dancing with his gang, creating content for his social media accounts, and increasing his follower count. The rest of his spare time is spent with his girlfriend Kaia and their cat Storm.

The move to a new country has given him the opportunity to work harder on his brand and the content he posts online. This has led to many of his videos becoming viral with over 1.1 million views and working with different brands to create promotional videos. Mazino has an eye for business, knowing exactly what is trending and how to use that to get more viewings and expand his reach. This is a quality that will take him very far in his influencer career.

The Mazino Way

Joseph Mazino grew up playing sports and dancing, knowing he wanted to take his passions to the next level and make a living out of them. As he got older, he came to understand dancing was all he wanted to do, and he found a way to turn that into his career. Although he is attending college, he leads a very active influencer life with new daily content that keeps his fans entertained. With a little over a year on TikTok and a large number of followers, he is proving to be an influencer to watch.

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