Joshua J. Anderson: The Real ‘Richy Rich’ Shares His Success and Fame Odyssey

Born on August 9, 1988 in Chicago Illinois, Joshua J. Anderson, also known as ‘Richy Rich’ on social media, is an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs and has remarkable life and business journey that will truly inspire and educate any young entrepreneurs and big dreamers out there. What’s best about Joshua is that he belonged to a middle-class family, a kid with big dreams and hopes for his future. He has ambitions far exceeding what he was meant for.

Joshua J. Anderson’s Early Life

He wasn’t an A-student at school, and was forcibly removed from his honors/AP classes in high school because of not doing his homework. Although many people believe that success in life is measured in terms of how good an individual is during their school days. Joshua was determined, he didn’t let anything in his way hinder his goals and broke several stereotypes to achieve what he was determined for.

Entrepreneurial Journey

It all started when the parents of his friend had a Benz and a BMW and he would be amazed whenever he would see them. Unlike others, Joshua had been working since he was 13, as his mother kicked him out when her new husband gave her the choice between him or Joshua, and being labeled as a failure by his mother, he decided at that moment that he isn’t going to stop for anything, but to work harder to reach his goals and ambitions.

The American education system is bananas and doesn’t understand that sometimes people have greater priorities because they don’t understand what your home situation is.

Starting from the bottom, he lived in a cheap apartment with a roommate and was later evicted for not paying the rent, as they couldn’t afford it.

Joshua had started from the ground multiple times over. From having done his time in third world prison to living in$18,000 per month apartment and flying private around the country, owning a brand new Aventador Roadster, only 5 years later.

Joshua J. Anderson himself is a proof that anything is possible with the right amount of drive and commitment.

Joshua founded a brand development company to help in the design and marketing aspects of startups across multiple industries — leveraging existing relationships to aid in product launch and exposure.

He also does options trading after the start of COVID that he is exploring as a potential business model to aid others in growing their net worth during the current state of instability.

Not limited to these, Joshua also owns several e-com brands and makes huge profits out of those too.

One of the greatest assets in business is relationships and the network you’ve cultivated, we’re able to leverage mine to help pilot brands with less hassle than most startups endure by cold approaching future clients.

Joshua also has a YouTube channel where he uploads vlogs and giveaways for his fans. You can check it out at

Favorite Quote by Joshua J. Anderson:

High risk, high reward, is always an exhilarating process consisting of long hours and sweaty situations. That’s also what makes starting a business fun — nothing is fun if it’s easy.”

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