Joshua Shull Wants to Be Known for Firing People

There are several sectors at the forefront of the digital revolution. The likes of cryptocurrency and Web3 projects rely on computerized technology to exist, but other industries have found new life in the modern age. One of these is littered with LinkedIn profiles for deal sourcers and property management companies: real estate.

However, long-stays of the industry are pushing a different narrative, one they believe streamlines the wastage in the sector. Joshua Shull, the owner of Shull Homes, has recently made a statement that he wants to be considered a leader in this new wave of thinkers.

Shull’s tenure heading up the real estate brokerage, partnered with a contracting company, has been defined by a subversive culture by industry standards. This mission statement is no exception to that trend, though talks of trimming down personnel may surprise some familiar with his company’s people-based ethos. Today’s expansion of that philosophy may shed some light on Shull’s thinking as he continues to grow the business in 2022.

“I want to be known as the guy who is going to disrupt the real estate market and fire a lot of people,” Shull stated. “There is an excess of agents in our industry, many of whom fall below our standard of expertise, so I want to replace the ‘wanna-dos’ with the ‘can-dos.’”

Central to Shull’s approach is rigorous staff selection and employee development. Real estate is currently seeing an influx of sole-trader or small-scale start-ups aiming to take their slice of the market rather than continuing in employment for another company. For those on the owner’s side of the argument, industry growth can only continue sustainably if strategic streamlining takes place within established companies.

“There are a lot of agents in Arizona and the United States as a whole,” Shull continued. “Almost none of them are adequately trained, or they have had extensive years under poor leadership. Understandably, they try to pull together as many deals as they can through the easiest tactics possible. But business is not supposed to be easy; it’s supposed to be a challenge.”

The entrepreneur, who has been in charge of Shull Homes for over five years, plans to create a presence for himself and his company that attracts the right talent. Utilizing trained employees and forming productive contracting partnerships based on trust is at the core of his purported ethos.

While Shull has started several businesses, knowledge of property is thought to give him the confidence to fire agents. Instead of cutting down on raw numbers, his broader strategy relates more to retaining people well-matched for the company as Shull Homes aims to recruit an additional six-to-twelve brokers.

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