Josue Arteaga | Business Growth Strategist

Josue Arteaga | Business Growth Strategist

Most of the success stories that we hear turn out to be the result of pre-planning for the future. However, there are some cases when the success stories take place when a person faces some worst condition and some invisible, internal forces urges him to struggle and create the opportunities for success. 

Josue Arteaga

Josue Arteaga is one such name. He did not have any plans to put his efforts and become famous in the world of entrepreneurship until he met the worst situation of his life. 

His Early Life

Josue was born and grew up in Grandview, Washington. He was living a normal life with his parents until he turned 17, in 2017. 

That year, Arteaga’s father lost his job and unfortunately, the same year, his mother got seriously ill and needed an urgent surgery to stay alive. Arteaga was very young and his father had nothing in his hand to spend and save Arteaga’s mother. 

The Decision Making Time

This was a crucial time for Arteaga and he knew that getting depressed or sad will not work at all. Infact, it will worsen this condition and he would never be able to take out his family from this hard time. He reminded himself that this was the decision making time and only he  could save his mother’s life by doing something BIG. 

Beginning of Struggle

After brainstorming to get the ideas of making money, Arteaga started studying SEO. Meanwhile, he kept on converting Neil Patel’s clients but internally he felt that he needed to do something else as well to get money as soon as possible for the surgery. 

Being dragged by this thought, he joined and left many jobs in search of good income. He kept on trying and started his online t-shirt business that soon began to generate revenue for him. After a short period, the website had to be closed due to copyright issues and Arteaga had to return all the earned revenue. 

Struggles Getting Fruitful

Then he learned email designing, made an email list and sold it for $300. After this successful experience, he turned towards article writing and started making a name amongst the highly ranked publications. He started interviewing the top-rated celebrities with a big social media fan following. This made him earn $5 to 10 k and he started a business of his own brand. With this business, he made $144,000 in a year when he turned 19. 

Due to a betrayal of payment, Arteaga could not continue with this business too and moved on. He got an opportunity to merge his brand with Disrupt Magazine and became its Vice President. 

Arteaga also got into a partnership and built an Influencer Press but he had to leave it due to some dispute of payment. He also worked as a personal branding expert. He provided consultancy to several clients who already had  $100 million assets and helped them to make 6 or 7 figure personal brands. 

The biggest success opportunity struck him when an old friend told him about his father searching for investment for his meat business. Arteaga cut short all his expenses and saved $60,000 for investment. With this investment, Arteaga earns 2 million dollars annually and has an asset of 1 million dollar. When he earned his first million, he was 20 years old. 

This great investment opened new doors of success for him and he made connections with the CEOs of big companies, brands, and businesses. 

Today, Arteaga is one of the top 1 percent successful entrepreneurs of his age who have earned millions and have retired their parents from their jobs. 

Future Plans

Today, Arteaga feels that he has strengths to become a successful capitalist in future. He has plans to open 4 similar locations that will add 3 to 4 million ventures annually. In the next few years, he plans to own 1000 such meat markets that will generate a billion dollars revenue and make him a billionaire. 

In future, Arteaga has plans to turn his online business into a needs-based business so that he can share with people the story of his struggles and success. He wants to tell people what he knows about entrepreneurship to help them and make them learn the ways to earn money. 

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