Journey of Misbahur Rahman’s Startup Pxlhut Ltd

Misbahur Rahman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur & a web developer. He started his career with front-end development, Digital Marketing & SEO, and Graphics design. Misbah has worked remotely with many companies overseas so far.

Being the founder of Future IT Valley, an IT institute for freelancers to guide boosting up their revenue in the marketplaces, he wanted to contribute to small business owners and new entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and music artists. Misbah’s seven years of experience in the marketing industry helped him understand that vision and strategy are essential to marketing success.

Misbah believes If we develop a clear vision about the marketing for any business, we will attract the appropriate strategy. If we don’t have a clear vision, no plan can help us. Misbah started Pxlhut Ltd. at the beginning of 2021 and hired a few experienced and dedicated teams of marketers, designers, and business strategists.

When covid-19 broke out globally, many businesses faced a considerable loss and needed to focus on online marketing. Misbah was determined to support the small business owners and new entrepreneurs with a reasonable service cost. He is now leading his successful team of marketers intending to achieve long-lasting, sales producing, value increasing outcomes for the businesses they are working with currently.

His start-up Pxlhut Ltd. is providing services to businesses in the field of digital marketing, social media marketing and management, UI/UX design, Graphic design, Web design and development, Android mobile app development, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple music promotion, YouTube Promotion, Content writing, and many more. Pxlhut Ltd. has a team of experts for every task.

Misbah asserted, “It is tough to manage two companies and their employees at the same time, but it is advantageous when your clients drop y’all positive feedback and recommend your services to their acquaintances.” Misbah continually monitors his teammates’ work and makes sure they can implement the best marketing strategy and do competitor analysis properly. Misbah enjoys his work and wants to do many things for his company in the upcoming days.

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