Joy Mbanugo is Paving Her Own Road to Professional Success

Joy Mbanugo is a swiss army knife in the financial space, a career built on both professional and modern strategic services. With over 20 years in accounting and tax services, she is now offering her vast skill set to join a board of a privately-owned company, startup or public board.

Mbanugo, formerly Harper, has produced a laundry list of achievements for numerous big-name companies, including leading the treasury tax and streamline cash management initiatives at Google Finance, which resulted in over $100 billion. Additionally, she is the head of partnership finance and industry solutions at Google Cloud, a team that assesses cross-functional deals and evaluates partnerships. In fact, she also worked on the largest U.S. ERP to ERP transformation.

Other prominent professional stops on her resume include Ernst and Young and Blackrock, while she also has time spent in the startup and new venture capital sectors as well. She currently is the CFO at Paladin, a nonprofit organization that supports underserved startup founders to better structure their respective companies.

A leading finance expert in systems and infrastructure, her diverse background has also helped her work in areas like, treasury and controllership, finance transformation, and integration too. 

“I want to work with emerging financial technology businesses with fresh-minded individuals, I want to be where the action is with cutting-edge finance. That is where I belong.”

Investing in People (and Experiences)

Mbanugo has dipped her toes into angel investing lately, while continuing to consult with startups to discuss their financial modeling, goals and product management, all for free. This is partly because she has seen, firsthand, underprepared companies see immense growth, only to fail because vital systems were not in place, like financial reporting and operations efficiency.

Along her professional travels, which includes stops in London and Hong Kong, she has garnered numerous connections and networked with many significant professionals and business owners, further broadening her reach into various markets, like cryptocurrencies.

“Like every good child, when my mother told me to go to law school, I did what she asked. My grandmother got me into investing, so I studied finance and accounting for my undergrad,” said Mbanugo. “I also had enough credits to get another degree in Black World Studies, which influenced my perspective.”

Today, the happily-married new mother, dubbed ‘Tiny General’ by her husband, who works in Cloud Tech, has now begun branching into crypto, fintech, payments, blockchain and consumer finance. She is passionate about financial industry trends, especially in the intelligent automation, blockchain technology, and crypto spaces. Her recent rebrand into joining the board of a privately-owned company, startup or public one was set into place from an early age.

About Joy Mbanugo

Joy Mbanugo is the go-to market finance infrastructure expert and implements systems to prepare companies to go public. She has worked in finance for 19 years with companies such as Ernst and Young, Google, and Blackrock. To book a call with her to discuss board seat opportunities, venture investment deals, or  how her methods can set you up for success, please visit:

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