Juan Carlos Barreneche, CEO of Goldbar Consulting, is Helping Real Estate Agents Scale Their Business Using Virtual Assistants

Since Juan Carlos Barreneche began studying and understanding the real estate industry he saw agents as the heart of a real estate transaction. For most, buying a home is one of the biggest, and more important decisions they will ever make. Understanding this idea gave him the inspiration to be better than your average real estate agent. The average agent will sell anywhere from 4-12 homes a year. For Juan Carlos Barreneche, that simply wouldn’t cut it. This year Juan Carlos is on track to sell more than 100 homes. 

“Agents are in the lead generation business first and the real estate business second. If agents are consistently spending their time dealing with marketing, paperwork, and administrative tasks then it leaves less time for prospecting for new clients,” Juan Carlos says. Understanding this problem and striving to solve it became the focus of Juan’s career, which led him to starting Goldbar Consulting. 

Goldbar Consulting is an industry-leading virtual assistant staffing agency that specializes in providing real estate agents with leverage to be set apart from their competition. Goldbar Consulting takes care of screening, interviewing, hiring, and training the top 1% of VA’s to assist agents specifically in their problem area. Through perfecting the process of identifying and training the best talent possible, Goldbar Consulting is able to give agents the leverage they need in order to effectively scale their real estate business.

“Ever since I got my real estate license in 2016 I recognized that real estate agents spend their time working on 10-25 tasks at any given moment, when their time should be focused on servicing their clients. My business gives agents back their time by outsourcing the sales, marketing, and administration side of their business to a trained virtual assistant,” Juan Carlos says.

A major factor in why agents never start hiring a staff isn’t because they don’t see the value in it, rather they are hesitant to take on the additional overhead and risk that comes with employing other people. Goldbar Consulting provides the solution to this problem by providing leverage that is not only efficient, but cost-effective as well.

Their system is unique and extremely effective. Their VA’s are trained to produce quality work for a fraction of the salary expectation in the United States. In addition, Goldbar Consulting avoids long-term commitments for their virtual assistants by eliminating contracts. Clients have the flexibility to cancel and rejoin at any time.

Most agents also struggle with the amount of time it takes to train a new assistant. That’s why Goldbar Consulting gives you a VA that has not only been screened but trained to make sure they will operate at the highest level for their clients. For as little as $5/hour, agents now have the ability to outsource any task they wish. This includes but is not limited to paperwork, running ads, posting on social media, and even following up to schedule listing appointments,

Only 90 days into 2021, Juan Carlos has already sold $21M worth of real estate working less than 10 hours/week.

How? By leveraging his time and resources to maximize his results. Juan’s team of virtual assistants has taken over the tedious part of his business, giving him more time to focus on what matters.

To learn more about how Juan Carlos Barreneche built a 7 figure real estate business through leveraging virtual assistants, check out his website at www.goldbarconsulting.com

If you are interested in learning how to scale to 7 figures in Real Estate, build a global real estate team, or automate your day to day business message him via instagram @latinoagent.

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