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Juliette Kristine is a Manifestation Coach who has brought her dreams to life and achieved impressive goals for both herself and her clients by utilizing the Law of Attraction and other powerful energetic practices. Juliette helps women to connect with their intuition, moving them into alignment with the universe so their goals manifest with ease. Her unique manifesting techniques have been distilled into her The Surrender Approach course and have landed her many high-profile clients in the business and creative industries, and she has since found herself in a position to share her wealth of knowledge and techniques with the goal of mentoring the next generation of manifestation coaches.

Having been deeply immersed within spiritual practices and ideologies since she was 14, Juliette is no stranger to how the energies of the universe operate; both internally within the human body, and externally out in the world. She has honed her empathic abilities, becoming sensitive to the flow of energy around her and able to identify blocks within people’s lives, indicating areas where they are disconnected, unaligned with their inner-self and unable to manifest what they want. Utilizing her unique skillset and perspective, Juliette focuses on aligning oneself so that their energy flows freely and they are able to easily call-in what they desire. Juliette’s The Surrender Approach strategy operates according to this philosophy, taking the emphasis away from “need” or “desire” which can create too much tension and end up sabotaging the process of manifestation, and instead focuses on maintaining a state of being that facilitates the development of these goals and dreams in an organic manner.

Juliette has been manifesting all her life. From parking spaces to flight upgrades, her literal dream home manifesting ( as pictured on her vision board) to her soul mate, even winning awards and being recognized within her field. She is a living demonstration of her abilities and the effect that manifestation can have on your life when implemented correctly. Her practices have seen tangible results in clients ranging from small business owners to high profile CEO’s, and including Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs and successful music producers, showing that the power of manifestation can be used to enrich people’s lives from a wide variety of situations.

From her successes, Juliette has been able to develop her techniques into a system that she uses not only to help her clients but also to mentor up and coming coaches, helping them accelerate their development. Juliette is passionate about helping as many people as possible develop their manifestation abilities and achieve their goals with greater ease. She is praised by her clients for her powerful intuition, her bold ideals and her supportive nature, helping them to feel empowered and inspired to live the life they dream of.

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