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Jumbo Stock Launches Attractive Incentive Schemes to Encourage Online Shopping

Jumbo Stock unveils stellar incentive schemes to incentivize online shopping amidst COVID-19.”

Israel’s famous supermarket chain with a diverse range of products at affordable rates is now recalibrating its business operations to deliver goods to customers through its website and is taking all

Israel’s famous supermarket chain with a diverse range of products at affordable rates is now recalibrating its business operations to deliver goods to customers through its website and is taking all the necessary precautions for the safe delivery of its goods.

Even before the world was engulfed by the tentacles of Covid-19, brick-and-mortar retailers were raging a fierce war against the Amazons of the world. The challenges have steeped at an accelerating rate now. These same consumers are likely to stay attuned to this behavior amid the stay-at-home orders in most parts of the world such as more online shopping and fewer mall visits.  Retailers can’t afford to be in a wait-and-see mode. First, they need to reimagine their baseline requirements and then turn their attention to taking their customer experience to the next level.

Multi-essentials store of Israel

One of the most popular and affordable supermarket chains of Israel, Jumbo Stock was founded in 2015, and now has 11 stores all over the country. Jumbo Stock is a chain that offers a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, in different categories for the whole family. The stores provide a unique shopping experience, which allows everyone to furnish and equip their homes and enjoy a unique lifestyle by purchasing goods from one place. It also creates a meticulous and tailored personal style, as per the customer’s unique requirements. The stores offer a wide range of design items, furniture, and home decoration, textiles, bedding, kitchen, and household products, complementary products and accessories for the bathroom, toys, games, and leisure for children and babies, camping, electricity and dog, cleaning and pharma, home practice and more. To remain relevant amidst the public health scare, Jumbo Stock is requesting all its existing and interested buyers to hop over to its website and enjoy delivery right on their respective doorsteps.

Revamping business operation amid the public health scare

Since Jumbo Stock’s claim to fame has been its budget-friendly yet trendy and utility-focused products in home furnishing, children, essential decoration items, travel gears, and many such categories, it is adapting its physical retail operations to comply with health-and-safety regulations and meet basic customer expectations. This includes mask-wearing, ensuring social distancing, instituting contactless transactions, and improving the speed of service. It is now offering a seamless online experience to meet customers’ expectations in times this these.

During these trying times, an offline chain like Jumbo Stock needs to reimagine ways to enhance the customer experience. It needs to engage with them in the digital space and offer consultation and value-added services to generate innovative shopping experiences without expecting them to step out.

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