Just Commit Coaching Founder Jennifer Chapman Serves as an Enabler of Personal Growth

While it is inarguably true that people can overcome life challenges on their own, some circumstances can easily be resolved only with the help of those who can give an unbiased and objective perspective on one’s situation. This is where mentors such as the widely acclaimed founder of Just Commit Coaching, Jennifer Lynn Chapman, come in.

Born in Indianapolis, Chapman was raised by an incredibly close and supportive family. Growing up, she had the luxury of experiencing anyone’s dream childhood. With her mom serving as the biggest supporter in her life, she was able to pursue her passion for dancing. Unfortunately, this inspirational icon lost her mother at  11 years old and had to deal with a life without her. 

This former tennis enthusiast and corporate sales expert would come to experience the spark that would trigger her transition into the coaching field after a considerably sharp turn in her life. Nine months after earning the President’s Club award with her company, Chapman suffered a stroke, going into rehab and contending with the stress of out-patient therapy for five months in order to recover physically. She was 34 at the time, the same age her mother was when she passed.

Throughout this process and as a result of the emotional suffering that came hand in hand with her condition, the creative mind behind Just Commit Coaching hired a coach to help her understand her purpose, a decision that would eventually allow Chapman to appreciate the importance of having a guiding hand and would influence the establishment of her own life coaching business.

Known for acting as a safe space for clients, Just Commit Coaching provides support to clients and maneuvers them toward a clear-cut direction. This guidance is particularly crucial for those who feel stuck after a traumatic or life-changing experience.

This personal success enabler builds authentic relationships with clients through Just Commit Coaching, resonating with them on various levels. Considering that she managed to come out of extremely debilitating situations, she proves to be a reliable source of insights on what it means to consistently put in the hard work necessary to improve as an individual. 

On top of spearheading this highly recognized coaching business, Chapman has also served as a guest speaker to numerous networking groups and companies, sharing her story in hopes of inspiring action and influencing her audience for the better. 

By banking on her own experiences, the Just Commit Coaching lead is able to deliver much-needed advice on surviving and thriving after grief, depression, anxiety, sadness, frustration, and more. Additionally, she capitalizes on her honed professionalism and ethics to provide top-notch services to clients. 

In the coming years, Chapman aims to continue lending people a hand as they battle against their personal demons. Alongside her desire to scale her group coaching business into a six-figure venture, Chapman also intends to publish a book, grace podcasts, and speak on more stages in front of audiences.

Above anything else, as a pillar of support, she wishes to stand in someone’s corner, cheering them on while they actively follow the path toward becoming a better version of themselves. 

Learn more about Jennifer Chapman and Just Commit Coaching by visiting her website.

Company: Just Commit Coaching

Email: jennifer@justcommitcoaching.com

Phone number: 317-603-7526

Website: www.justcommitcoaching.com

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