Justin Guerra is the Youngest Entrepreneur who Earns Multi-Million

The modern-day 21 one year old can be best summarized as a college kid that took the conventional route looking at the luxury world of exotic cars, mansions, and private jets as a world outside of his reach. He is an Ecom Entrepreneur. This young man is none other than Justin Guerra, who slept on a couch and now earns multi-million.

Justin always knew he would be a successful entrepreneur but never had the resources or the network. At the age of 16, he sold large amounts of marijuana and had made thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, his belongings were in a massive fire where he had lost all the money to flames.

By the time he came back to the real world, he was a high school dropout, and teachers said he wouldn’t graduate till he was 21 years old. He was dropped out of college to chase his dream to be an entrepreneur, and it took him two years to see Success. When he turned 21 years old, he owned a Wholesale Real Estate Company making millions of dollars a year.

Justin now educates people looking to learn wholesale real estate all over America. He spends a lot of time shooting youtube videos that he calls “edutainment,” giving the audience his lifestyle, keeping things fun while still sharing education to educate further people that watch his channel.

Guerra claims his biggest asset was his “Super Power.” In his first year in entrepreneurship, he slept on a couch, but he told himself he would rather be sleeping on this couch chasing his dreams and risking everything he had.

One of his most significant assets is having a solid network. His best advice for connecting with successful people in his niche is attending networking events. According to him, Success is on the other side of risk and fear.

Justin stated that to make his name a staple in his industry for the first three years, he consistently provided free value. He knew that constantly helping others would allow him to reach that goal.

Justin is not only a high-performing entrepreneur but a true philanthropist for the entrepreneurial community, consistently giving out free massive amounts of information on his Youtube. He has built a 7 figure wholesale company today.

Justin, a 21-year-old, sets a standard for what young entrepreneurs coming into business can be. We bet you want to know more about him; follow him on Instagram @jus.securethebag.


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