Justin Holder aka Rasta Man Jay Is Making A Come Up Out Of Georgia

Brunswick, Georgia native Justin Holder, better known as Rasta Man Jay, is making a come up quickly in the GA music scene. While currently serving as an assistant manager at Habitat for Humanity, Holder is juggling his 9-5 with his music career. Something not many people can do but can be the struggle of any independent artist coming up. He also works hard to support his two daughters.

Starting music just a couple of years ago, Holder has been working hard on his craft. He got into making music by just listening to instrumentals, brain storming lyrics, and writing down punch lines. He started freestyling as early as the age of 12 but only recently started taking his passion seriously.

One main challenge Holder has faced on his way up has been getting his sound heard. “The most challenging thing I have overcome in life is me getting heard,” said Holder. “Most people don’t support the movement in my city.” His mission is to prove people wrong and show them what he is really made of.

Nonetheless, Holder has continued his path entirely independently. His sound is inspired by the likes of Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Young Jeezy, all staple names in the hip hop game.

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Holder is fully committed to giving his music career his all. Doing it himself has posed a challenge, but nothing he can’t overcome. Holder is reportedly working on new music that is set to drop soon.

You can find more info on Holder’s Instagram here:


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