Justin Kimbrough on How Flexibility Is the Key to Survive and Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Justin Kimbrough on How Flexibility Is the Key to Survive and Succeed as an Entrepreneur

A multi-millionaire and the founder of diverse businesses, Justin believes in being adaptable to change. Since the truth behind change being the only constant cannot be stressed further, Justin takes joy in giving his effort to his work to the fullest and enjoying the labor of love in every form from helping people in need to spending time with family in luxury.

One always wonders what it takes to be their own boss. How does it feel to be accomplished and have the courage to manage one’s own business? What does it take to be a leader whom others follow? Well, there are quite a few traits that are common to the majority of entrepreneurial minds, and ‘flexibility’ is one of the most crucial ones. Such minds realize early on that their business ventures, just like life in general, will not always go as planned. The key to survival in such situations is to adapt to the changing requirements and bounce back with renewed force. Justin Kimbrough is a fearless soul and a true adventurer who has sailed through life through its unique challenges and also reaped its rewards.

From where it began

Justin started his entrepreneurial journey at the play-age of 15, while in high school, by creating his own lawn mowing business. However, his first real business move came in 2015 at 18 years of age. “I was inspired by a man named Timothy Sykes. He was a penny stock trader who had made millions through trading and teaching. Being young, the Ferraris, the houses, and the travel all inspired me and showed me a free life that I wanted,” recounts Justin, on being asked about his inspiration to start living life on his terms, unlike most others of his generation who would rather opt for a routine, service-class life.

Starting all over

Justin recollects losing his hard-earned money several times in his life due to his bad decisions and unexpected external factors. But he wasn’t  one to give up at that. He owned his mistakes early on and realized his potential flaws that caused so much loss. The rest was only to get up and start all over again. At present, Justin owns multiple businesses, from an 18-wheeler trucking company and a social media advertising agency, to a for-purpose venture with non-profit intention. It was his relentless determination and faith in his spirit that never let him call quits despite several odds. The ability to stay focused and committed, yet adaptable to uncalled-for changes defines the success story of Justin. He stands true to the adage of ‘staying committed to decisions, but flexible in approach’.

Agility in every aspect of life and business

Justin is flexible even in his approach to life. He plays golf, seeks to travel the world, impacts people’s lives positively, spreads awareness on social issues, raises universal vibration, and plans to become a billionaire to give it all away. His attitude towards success and accomplishment is surprising. He aims to gain profits and spend it for the benefit of people and the planet. His life showcases his multiple talents and he adheres to remain agile and flexible to accommodate any roadblock, while continuing to treat success and failure equally.

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