Justin Woll Leading the Way for Young Aspiring and Budding Entrepreneurs

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The mastermind behind Beyond Six Figures, Justin Woll, is not just an entrepreneur at heart, but an influencer at his core. He has more than proven his dedication and staying power in the e-commerce space, having helped thousands of people launch and manage their own respective companies since he was a teenager.

Woll got his start at 15 years old, after developing a keen interest in both sales and marketing. In fact, he founded his own gaming company, LINK, in which he recruited professional gamers and eSports competitors to compete in curated online tournaments and, at 17, as a result of the revenue he brought in managing the gaming team, he bought his first car.

The CEO found that he had the ability to launch any company he wanted, but also help others do the same upon arriving at Rutgers University, where he won the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Award. He launched numerous companies, including Shopify stores and mailaway subscription boxes, while also helping fellow students and others to do the same, but way of his created and self-monitored, free Facebook networking groups.

From his dorm room, the backbone of Beyond Six Figures was created. After leaving Rutgers, in 2017, he went all in with his shining ability to build companies and help others do the same. He then sought to create a space to teach e-commerce business owners how to scale their businesses and online stores all while formulating a vast network of students and followers all vying to build and find the same success.

Beyond Six Figures

Woll’s pride and joy is Beyond Six Figures, a company which mentors e-commerce businesses and entrepreneurs on how to scale their companies and brands. Woll and Co. garner leads and referrals to build their empire in offering content, best practices, advice and tips, through a free avenue inside the Beyond Six Figures w/ Justin Woll Facebook Community or in the paid Platinum Club Personal Mentorship Experience.

Offering Facebook group masterclass sessions on Sundays, where Woll sometimes spends north of six hours engaging with students and clients, his dedication to seeing others succeed could not be more apparent. In fact, in his role as a mentor and teacher, he currently has the highest student success rate in the industry.

Loving what he does, Woll, who is already mega successful, still contributes his time to helping others find financial success in marketing, sales, brand strategy and e-commerce strategies. He has always gone the extra mile to help people and traditionally has over-delivered for students. That is why Beyond Six Figures prides itself on providing around-the-clock customer support and features incredibly knowledgeable experts in the space, for optimal customer satisfaction.

Beyond Six Figures assists clients in launching their own e-commerce businesses, but also offers services to help established business owners scale. It educated the community that Woll has built on conversion rates, average order values, pivoting initiatives, marketing angles and other brand and sales strategies.

“You have to have systems, make sure your product is a winner, and be able to pivot when it’s not,” he said. “I apply this strategy to my teachings and my business. If I don’t have systems in place to teach people about putting their own in place, I’m a hypocrite, right? You must practice what you preach. You have to have a proven offer and the consistency to push the limits.”

Woll runs his company as he has in each of his ventures, learning as much as he can to provide as much information as he can to over-deliver for his clientele. In conjunction with providing regular content on his YouTube channel, jumping into six-hour conversations in group chats and going above and beyond for his community is what makes this entrepreneur a superstar.

About Justin Woll

Justin Woll is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Six Figures, which teaches e-commerce businesses how to scale. He has won numerous 2 Comma Club Awards and has helped hundreds of clients start, grow, and scale their e-commerce businesses. To learn how to scale your business beyond six figures, please visit https://beyondsixfigures.org/

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