K-Tone’s Journey: Miami’s Hottest Rising Hip Hop Artist

K-Tone is becoming a household name in Miami, his reputation quickly growing to be as well known in the Magic City as he already is back home in Brooklyn. This talented hip hop artist is a successful businessman with multiple ventures and his specialty is artistic and creative lyrics set to uniquely intense rhythms. He is a wordsmith and has a passion for music with a message.

His hit singles “Big Smoke” and “How You Feel” became available on all platforms on August 1st, 2022, and were released to multiple FM radio stations in July 2022. His expanding repertoire is taking over social media. He agreed to sit down and weigh in with his thoughts regarding the industry.

What kind of music influenced you growing up?

I was influenced by Lost Boys, Sporty Thievz, 50 Cent, Tupac, Lupe Fiasco, Joyner Lucas, the Lox, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Meek Mill, and Juice WRLD. I grew up in Brooklyn, in the Flatbush neighborhood. I spent a lot of my childhood hanging out in recording studios with my dad – he was a songwriter, too. I was always surrounded by musicians and engineers and producers, and since I was really young, music was my passion.

What kind of struggles did you face growing up that affected your music style?

I had trouble finding the right career. I’ve done so many things – and I’ve had success in many different areas, which is great, but it’s been hard to narrow it down to that one career that’s the right fit. I wore five different hats, trying to see which I preferred. But I really fell in love with utilizing all those different hats – I integrated a skill that allows me to discover, to automate – so I really just want to keep doing everything I’m doing. That includes music, obviously. That’s my key passion right now.

What brought you to Miami?

In the summer of 2018, I booked a trip to Miami. It was just supposed to be a vacation – just a few days. But when I arrived, I completely fell in love with the city. It was like discovering a part of myself that I never knew existed. I literally never went back to the airport. I had found my peace. Miami was a whole new world – nothing like New York. The heat, the sunsets, the water, the nightlife, and the music scene all just enticed me to stay and make a new life, so I did.

When you first started out in the music business, what shaped your style?

Aside from musical influences, what shaped my style has been growth. I’ve grown from my life experiences and I use that in my lyrics. I combine classic traditions and historical music formats and I fuse those with today’s style.

I include detailed technical melodies and chord progressions and combine those with insights about my life and my values. It’s like keeping a record of what represents the novel of my life. For example, growing up on the streets of Brooklyn. My parents wanted a better life for my siblings and me, so that’s something that has inspired me.

Talk about some of your lyrics and what influenced them.

I love word play and good quality beat arrangements. I honestly have so much fun sharing unified emotions – the kind of thing that brings people together and makes them dance. I always try to blend a dance beat with a story – something with a linear narrative that you can follow. Music that means something but still with a sick beat.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a musician? 

I have found myself spending money in the wrong place – so that’s one challenge. Also, there have been times when I didn’t fully educate myself on the music business. I guess sometimes you have to lose before you win!

What’s your favorite thing about performing?

Energy! I’m a people person and that fuels me. I love the social aspect of performing. Getting the crowd worked up, feeling their energy – it’s exciting and a total rush. My goal is connecting to people while I perform. Reaching out to connect my music with their souls and feeling that fusion unite everyone in the room.

How is the music scene different in NY as opposed to Miami? 

Well, there was a time when the south supported music artists more than the north. But now, the focus of the industry has shifted. The internet makes it so much easier to maximize on opportunities that can lead to your success. You can market yourself in any demographic – any state, any country – and view analytics.

You’re your own boss. So that cuts down on making things massively different between one city and another. But I will say that as far as performing and nightlife, both cities are their own animal. When it comes to music, it’s vital that you just rage. No matter what. No matter the city, the venue, the artist. You get back what you put in.

K-tone is a rising hip hop artist based in Miami. His new singles “Big Smoke” and “How You Feel” hit radio stations summer 2022.

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