Kali Richardson Is Helping Millennials Across the World to Achieve Their Potential

Are you looking for a way to draw people in at your school or college? Are you wanting to show outstanding leadership qualities within the workplace? Or do you simply want to learn to motivate and inspire those around you?

Kesley (Kali) Richardson, is a national speaker with audience members ranging from students, large organizations and smaller mentoring groups. Despite being one of the best millennial speakers of his generation, Kali remains relatable to all.  Whether speaking to a group of high school students or career professionals, Kali dedicates himself to understanding their issues, and creating engaging activities to help build a much stronger connection. Through his motivational speaking, Kali helps his listeners become more aware of their untapped potential so they can release it to the world. 

Seeking to connect millennials with the tools for them to make a real difference in the word, Kali formed Kali Speaks and Associates. Kali Speaks operates by connecting professionals and millennials with goods, services, and critical thinking on performance. Kali dedicates himself and the business to developing the youth of tomorrow, his peers and leaders worldwide to perform as the best version of themselves. Whilst he likes to reference himself simply as a development coach that facilitates workshops, the conversations that arise truly change the lives of participants.

What drives Kali’s success is his desire to truly help develop young minds through using open dialogue and encouraging abstract thinking. His main goal when speaking to a younger audience is to encourage them to become a part of the change within their communities “as the growth of the community, is the growth of the world,” Kali states.

Kali is not only passionate about helping young people, however. He takes pride in being able to work closely with colleges, organizations, and businesses as well. Professional development and leadership development are his focus, and Kali is able to apply these principles both to high school students as well as seasoned professionals. 

Seeking to aid more people across the globe with the tools to positively impact their lives and further develop the existing leader within them, Kali has written his first book, The Sky Has Fallen: A guide to Chaos, College, Leadership and Life.

The Sky Has Fallen shines light on the true concepts of leadership and personal development. The skills discussed by Kali are essential for one’s growth and effective leadership as either a student, working professional, mentor, coach, and within their personal lives. The book is intended to be used as a guide to continually develop the concepts outlined as the reader continues to grow and solidify winning strategies and thought processes that lead them to enrich their own and others’ lives.

As the book states; “Do not let your sky fall when you can be like the great Greek Titan Atlas. Hold it up to better prepare yourself and better perform for your team, your family, and your future.”

To get started on your personal development journey, get your copy of The Sky Has Fallen: A Guide to Chaos, College, Leadership and Life here.

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