Kane Ellis, Evolving With Time and Making Progress in the Crypto-Scene | Following the Right Trends

The path to success is often not that straightforward. One needs to make certain harsh decisions on his/her way to success. See how Kane Ellis dealt with all the ups and downs on his way to becoming the new sensation in the entrepreneurial scene. Explore how he passed through his tough days, what kept him all motivated and energized.

The Critical Relation of Evolution, Success and Time

Evolving with time and keeping up with the market trends can, together, be regarded as the key to leading a progressive and prosperous life in the modern world. You cannot start a business of any sort and expect it to be successful and viable in the long run. Instead, you have to plan it way ahead of time to anticipate the path it will take in the years to come.

Kane Ellis is one such young and progressive entrepreneur, businessman, marketing expert, cryptocurrency, and auto enthusiast who had a keen eye on the market right from his early teens. It made him start his business ventures quite early in his life.

Hence, he now stands at a place where he is fulfilling his life dreams and living an ideal life based on some wise decisions he made years ago. Kane Ellis was in his dream supercar, a Maserati Gran Turismo MC, at the age of 24 as he reflects upon all those harsh and rough days where he had to burn the midnight oil to make it through.

He is the proud founder and CEO of the two most successful startups in their niches, Nerd Herd and CarSwap.

Laying the Foundations of Nerd Herd!

Kane Ellis always had this spark of standing out from the rest of the crowd and taking the unconventional route. Unlike the rest of the millennials of that time, Kane knew that the newly emerging concept of cryptocurrencies would soon be huge in the late 2010s.

It made him do a little more serious and in-depth research on this topic that made him quite convinced about the utility and feasibility of this whole crypto concept. Without wasting any further time, he started mining bitcoin, that too at quite a fast pace.

He used to mine three to four coins per day when the value was just $1.60 USD! This number was a piece of evidence that Kane was getting quite good at what he was doing. Hence, he thought, why not give this whole activity the shape of a well-constructed and well-thought online business. The people in his surroundings, his pals, also supported him in his decision.

They got already convinced of his entrepreneurial and crypto skills. Hence, Nerd Herd came into being, and within the matter of a few months, the newly established tech firm entered the big league where Kane was taking part in contracts, like the ones ranging up to a hundred dollars per hour!

CarSwap, Another Success Story

After conquering the crypto front, Kane got his attention drawn towards a more pressing issue of the time. In the 2000s, not many online platforms were available for people to buy, sell, rent, and exchange their vehicles, that too at market-competitive rates. It was a big void in the consumer sector waiting to be filled by an enthusiastic entrepreneur like Kane.

Hence, he took to this mission and started making observations about the market, the target clientele, the factors impacting them, and all that jazz, and soon came up with CarSwap. CarSwap was an online portal that gave the users the accessibility to sell, buy, rent and exchange their vehicles at suitably competitive rates.

The Selling Point

The app played the role of a bridge between the buyer and the seller. It allowed people to buy, rent, sell and exchange cars from the comfort of their homes. The portal also had an app with various filters in it, applying those the users could find the vehicle within their buying capacities. It also allowed them to exchange or rent their cars as per their liking.

On the whole account, it was an innovation in the market at that time. Hence, it gained quite a lot of popularity among the masses. Kane especially designed this app keeping his home town, in South Australia, in mind; to give a convenient option to the local people to buy and sell their cars without losing considerable money and market value on them. The app also ran ads.

So that if you are interested in the vehicle displayed in an ad, you can click on it to learn more. Otherwise, you can always swipe it and move to the next one. It was also a successful business plan, having the capacity to make some solid profit in the years to come with involving dealerships. It generated a reasonable amount of money from the qualifying offers, capped per month.

It’s All About Decisions

Overall, the success story of Kane is all about making the right decision at the right time. Life is nothing but a series of decisions that we make on our way. In this little life of ours, working wisely and strategically can put us years ahead of our competitors.

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