Kanhaiya Kwatra & Pawan Sachan is exceptional when it comes to social media and digital marketing stuff. They both are social media influencer as well with a tangible amount of followers on social networking sites like Instagram and others. This has helped him to work with top celebrities in Delhi where he is based. These include mostly TV Celebrities from different entertainment fields whom he has helped to prosper on the web. He is a competent man in his work when it comes to digital marketing.

In this digital era, we come across rolling over new success stories of youngsters trending on news every day. Get introduced to a new story of two digital marketing experts namely Kanhaiya Kwatra & Pawan Sachan, the founder of Digihunt. Both of them met on Facebook in 2018 and within few months only they created a news blog Digihunt which attracted more then 5 million followers quickly. Later they took forward Digihunt in the field of digital marketing where they both very efficiently handled popular brand’s social media accounts and campaigns in order to reach millions.

Kanhaiya Kwatra is from Saharanpur, currently a 24-year-old, in Uttar Pradesh. Pawan Sachan, on the other hand, is from Kanpur, that too in Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Kwatra has a BCA, along with a keen interest in Digital Marketing. Mr. Sachan too is well qualified with a B.Tech degree, and is also interested in web designing apart from digital marketing. At the moment they have around 10 other people employed who work for them as content writers, advisors, and some other extra digital marketing related work. Since there is a lot of workload because of the blog, they really need this extra help from the people whom they themselves have trained to perfection.

However, he managed to do an ad shoot with a known brand and has done theatres a lot playing different roles in diverse plays. At the same time, he tried his luck in his other passion – digital marketing and he started getting success that made him embark with his own digital marketing company. He deals with a wide range of clients not just from India but also faraway lands like Switzerland and Sri Lanka to name a few.

Now he is contemplated as the prominent digital entrepreneur providing various elegant assistance. His voyage till forthwith is quite inspiring because he proved that to be an entrepreneur, you have to hustle hard no matter how far you go or what eternity you are putting on. Still, once you are ready with the succession plan, then you can achieve nearly anything you desire.

Therefore, being a digital entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of outlooks to enclose each aspect gallivant from full-fledged marketing assistance to satisfied clients. Hence, always open up to opportunities he is inspiring a lot of youngsters out there to take action, work on it, and make a future worth living. We wish this young lad good luck in his future opportunities.

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