Kartik Choudhary: Youngest Digital Marketer in New Delhi

Kartik Choudhary, the founder of hyena media, is the youngest digital marketer in New Delhi. He is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer. From influencer marketing to digital marketing, he has gained expertise in all the fields.

Kartik started his influencer marketing agency named Hyena Media, 1 year ago, and is growing amazing with it. Hyena Media is connected with 300+ famous influencers from all over India and with 20+ big brands. They’ve successfully promoted 120+ songs on youtube as they have a team of Adwords experts and the number is rapidly increasing.

Kartik is respected by many celebrities and actors too. Recently, Kareena Kapoor wished him through a video and this in itself is a huge achievement. Kartik started his Digital Marketing Career in April 2020 and within a year, he has achieved a lot, may it be money or contacts in every industry.

Kartik Choudhary is also an Actor and Model. He has done two print shoot ads for Max Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital and Jabong. He loves getting clicked and is a good poser too. He keeps uploading pictures on his Instagram (@thekartikchoudhary) which is loved by his audience. Recently, he crossed 35000 followers on his official Instagram Handle.

Founder of Hyena Media

Kartik Choudhary is the founder of Hyena Media, an influencer marketing agency. He started the agency in August last year and is achieving heights as told earlier. He also made his presence on YouTube with great content, and 1000+ subscribers on there.
Sadly one of his accounts with 9k subscribers got disabled but that didn’t stop him and he hustled to do it all over again.

All of this wasn’t enough to make him lag in his academics, Kartik Choudhary has been doing equally well there too. He has also been planning on a short film which will soon be out on his YouTube channel. He has been very dedicated to his work. The company has reached great heights and will continue to do that. Let’s hope for Kartik the best for his future!

Follow Kartik Choudhary on Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/thekartikchoudhary/)

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