Kasey Mathews Is the Powerful Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Showing Women How To Live a Magical Life They Can Be Proud Of!

The struggle to maintain balance and fulfilment amongst the chaos of modern living is an eternal battle. It’s easy to prioritize work, errands, family and other obligations and your own needs can often fall by the wayside. When your own needs and goals fall further behind and you compromise under the guise of ‘making sacrifices‘, or rationalizing that “this is how life is” you could be subconsciously limiting yourself and cutting yourself off from the magical, fulfilled and balanced life you deserve to live!

Transformational Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Award-winning author Kasey Mathews believes that you don’t have to live a life that you would describe as just “fine“. In fact, it’s her least favourite word in the English language! Kasey has been helping people realize their own magic for over ten years, utilizing her unique skill set in order to offer a holistic and intuitive perspective that enables women to free themselves of self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, and live an exceptional life by sharing their unique gifts with the world.

Kasey possesses a Master’s degree in Education, is a Certified Reiki Master, and is trained in Advanced Ancestral Clearing, giving her a rare skill set that enables her to incorporate holistic and research-backed techniques in her coaching services. Kasey has used her unique perspective to influence, inspire and empower thousands of women through the dozens of media appearances on TV, radio and podcasts, and through the motivational speaking sessions she’s participated in across large corporate groups, intimate community support circles, and with her individual coaching clients. She’s also  written two award-winning books, titled “A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life” and “Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood“.

I believe our behaviours are driven by our beliefs and subconscious limiting beliefs often keep us from stepping into the fullness of self,” said Kasey. These self-limiting beliefs and behaviours can prevent a motivated woman from realizing her goals and becoming the fulfilled leader she’s  been dreaming of becoming. But Kasey is able to tap into these blockages and empower her clients to clear them, realizing their own unique strengths. “I help my clients free themselves to live a life full of magic, ease, meaning, purpose, joy, abundance and balance.

As a Life Coach, Kasey works very closely with only a small number of clients at a time, addressing any of their needs and blockages across all aspects of their life; including physical, mental and emotional health, family and home life, business, career and financial goals, personal or romantic relationships and more!

Her clients have described Kasey as “the best-kept secret of the coaching world“, as she goes above and beyond for her clients to ensure they have the space and attention they need to nurture their growth. Kasey shows up to each session with a team of ‘intuitive guides’ that offer astounding and awe-inspiring insights that often surprise Kasey herself.” Clients often report that as soon as they commit to working with me, ‘magical moments’ start happening immediately in their lives!” Kasey noted.

Kasey’s belief in each individual’s power is something that she has spent many years cultivating in herself, and she works tirelessly helping other women discover that same strength within themselves. “I live a magical life and help pave the path for my clients to do so as well, as they fall in love with themselves and their unlocked potential!

If you feel like you’re destined for something greater, but struggle finding clarity and direction, connect with Kasey Mathews through her website, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. Kasey’s finely-tuned senses and unique skill set are guaranteed to give you the loving support you need to confidently step into the best version of yourself you’ve been hiding within you! Book a free discovery call today!

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