Kashif Tahir has Taken the Digital Marketing Industry by Storm With his Works

Gone are the days when traditional methods of marketing were used which were time consuming as well as high on costs. With the advent of the Digital Era, these methods have taken and backseat and given way to Digital Marketing, which is not only cost effective but also faster and reliable. Today Digital Marketing has the potential to reach a wide audience base irrespective of their geographical demographics and it the most popular kind of marketing in today’s times.

Many experts have spruced up in the past few years who hold expertise in Digital Marketing, some of whom have given average results while some have really pushed failing brands and businesses to turn into profitable ventures with their exceptional work which has resurrected businesses from ashes. Kashif Tahir aka Kay Tee is one such Digital Marketing expert who has helped many businesses slide back to limelight with his accurate marketing strategies. 

Kashif hails from Lahore, Pakistan, and had been freelancing right from the time he was in college and took web development projects as a freelancer. Gradually he gained deep knowledge of the various workings of the industry and took the final plunge into entrepreneurship by establishing his own Digital Marketing company, which has emerged to be the best in the region today.

It’s interesting to know how Kashif successfully developed his company’s presence in such a short period. To this he says, “networking plays a very big role in getting your brand recognized across a wide base. You need to network with like minded people in order to expand your brand name to the right customer base.”

Kashif is an extremely successful Digipreneur today with his firm Cuddle Marketing LLC, being the best in business having gained innumerable clients from across the globe. He proudly states that his name is well recognized in the industry today and he gets invited as a guest speaker at many important marketing events which in itself is a big achievement. 

Today Kashif travels across the globe meeting different people, expanding his knowledge base and getting to know different cultures. He says he has the freedom as his work is done through a laptop which is one of the biggest plus points of running a Digital business.

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