Katago708’s Latest Album is a Trippy Ride With Hard-hitting Lyrics

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Pascal Khatami, who is better known by his artist name Katago708 is making all the right noise in the music industry with his new album LDN. The album is quite special for the singer as it shows his journey and has a contemporary feel to it. The album is titled LDN Tape and has peppy beats with hard-hitting lyrics to draw attention.

The singer draws inspiration for his life and what all is happening around him. While the tracks do have a playful vibe to them, they also have an element of intrigue attached. The first three tracks, Film, Netflix & Chill and Lifestyle have a downtown party feel to them that will remind you of the beauty of the early 2000s international rap scene.

The songs are written with the aim to lighten the mood on a gloomy day. Katago708’s Instagram profile further confirms the idea of the tracks being vibrant and hip.

For this album, the rapper has collaborated with two Germany-based rappers, NOK1D and Calvin Sober. While NOK1D is an upcoming rapper who has been featured in official Spotify playlists, Calvin Sober is a new name in the trade but has a very special voice and unique sound.

Apart from his new exciting venture, Katago708 has also started his own distribution company a few months ago, named Khatami Music, which provides services such as Free Music Distribution, Promotion, Artist Management, Music Publishing and more.

The singer is committed to the idea of bringing back the essense of serenity in rap music and his album LDN succeeds in it for sure.

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