Katie O’Malley Proves Leadership Development Isn’t Just for the Elite

Life coaching and leadership development is something that’s usually associated with CEOs and successful business leaders. It’s a type of service that not everyone feels deserving of pursuing. Whether it is imposter syndrome, self-doubt or lack of belief, many people unknowingly create roadblocks in their own path.

Katie O’Malley is a leadership coach and educator with 15 years of experience in the nonprofit, corporate, and education sectors. In these roles, she constantly felt drawn towards supporting others and guiding people on their own journey of self-development.

After observing this quality in herself, in 2013, she decided to officially put it into action, and pursued a master’s degree in counseling and board certification in coaching. “Earning the right to hear a client’s story, and creating a partnership that encourages the design of their most authentic and courageous life, is an incredible privilege,” she says. She adds that coaching students, young professionals and women who are aspiring leaders is the most “fulfilling” and “life-giving” work on her resume.

While working full time as the Senior Associate Director of Leadership Development at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, on the side, she is building her passion project: (en)Courage Coaching + Consulting.

Her consulting business is “driven by the transformative power of human connection” and “fueled by the rich stories, unique talents, and courageous goals” of clients. The goal is to facilitate a process that moves someone from the discussion and thought stages to the actual writing of new chapters to create a different future for themselves.

The coach is also there to act as a “thought partner, accountability buddy, and fiercest supporter” in the authentic pursuit of professional and personal goals, O’Malley explains.

 And at the heart of the business are two core and fundamental beliefs: leadership development is not a luxury for an elite few. It is something that is accessible to people at all stages of life. Secondly, it’s never too late to own your timeline and change your career development – demonstrated by O’Malley herself.

The business’s core belief the practice of putting thoughts into action. O’Malley says, “Daydreaming is my favorite thing to do. Planning is my second favorite thing. This is what I love about my work. In coaching, we imagine the possibilities for tomorrow and make the plans today.”

Find out more about Katie and (en)Courage Coaching + Consulting here.

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