Kedar Joshi

Kedar Joshi Turns a Producer With His Venture ‘Suman Entertainment’, Expresses His Desire to Produce Realistic Cinema

There’s something special about realistic cinema that one cannot compare to non-fiction cinema. In recent times, we have seen a lot of biopics being made, and films that have had their focus on real-life events. Realistic cinema is not just restricted to Hollywood or Bollywood, but even regional cinema has taken the route of delivering some hard-hitting content to the audience.
In a time of pandemic like this, the audience are consuming content that is informative yet has a story to tell. When we talk about Marathi cinema, it has created a loyal fanbase by giving some of the best cinematic experience to the audience.
Kedar Joshi, a well-known name in the industry and the founder of ‘Marathibaabaa’ is gearing up to launch his production house. It is believed that he has already ventured into film and music production with ‘Suman Entertainment’.
Unlike other media houses, his production house aims to produce high on content films and musical melodies. Named after his mother Suman Joshi, the producer is keen to produce diverse films, shows and web series of different genres revolving around real-life events.
The idea of launching a production house clicked his mind after the humongous success of ‘Marathibaabaa’ on Instagram. The Instagram page is super active when it comes to giving timely updates about celebrities from the Marathi film industry.
Being his first production venture, Kedar Joshi is super excited. “I have always been a fan of realistic cinema. I envisage bringing stories of real-life events on screen as I believe that nothing is better than telling a story through a film or a web show. Additionally, I have realized that there is an ample number of talents in the industry who should be allowed to showcase their skills”, shares Kedar.
The producer is currently going through a few scripts, and he might announce some big projects during Diwali 2021. His production house was supposed to launch in 2020, but the unfortunate coronavirus outbreak delayed it to 2021.
While concluding, Kedar explained that he does not want to rush into anything and wants to take things at a gradual pace. “It will make no sense to announce projects at this time when we are all tied up by staying at home. All we can do is take care of ourselves and be safe in this crucial time”, declared Mr Joshi.

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