Keenan Noir Kelly Shares how Offering “Uniqueness” In What You Do Can Change The Game for You.

Most of the industries that we see consistently growing and developing have risen to the top for reasons more than one. Ever wondered what could have been those reasons that might have helped them experience exponential growth and success.

Well, among the many, the contribution young minds give to their niches with a powerful combination of passion and perseverance helps those industries acquire monumental success. The creative and artistic industries among these have perhaps seen the most rise of such young talented beings, who make sure to inspire greatness and innovation in the field to create something that can stay for long with the audiences they serve.

Keenan Noir Kelly, who serves as a rising director and cinematographer from Chicago, the US, believes that to up one’s game in the world of entertainment, films, and the creative realm as a whole, one needs to offer “uniqueness” to the audiences. On the same, he quotes,

“I believe that every work of art so far has had to give something refreshing and new to people, which has what made it an art to remember. For directors and cinematographers like me, I believe it is essential to push the envelope and exude one’s passion through creating an incredible visual impact, which can effortlessly hold on to people’s attention and can even win hearts.”

He confesses how since his childhood, he has loved drawing and creating his own characters and stories. Growing up, he was attracted to the camera and began with making vlogs for a Chicago clothing brand known as SakLife Clothing, and later boosted the brand’s popularity. Besides that, he even joined a dancehall dance crew named Fearless Squad with his cousins who moved from Kingston, Jamaica to America in 2009 and earned his name K-Fearless in the dancehall entertainment scene.

The 31-year-old, who earned the Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Communications from National American University, is today a proud self-taught cinematographer and director who now wishes to hone his skills in sound design. Keena Noir Kelly received three film festival awards for Best Music video for the “Show Me You Love Me” song by the talented CrestIsMuzik.

Talking about his beliefs, the young talent says that if people desire something and want to achieve something in life, they should keep fears aside and affirms,

“The worst regret one could have is looking back on their lives and thinking about what we could have or should have done. Do it now!”

You can find more on him through his Website, Instagram, TwitterFacebook.

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