Keeping Active or Feeling Lethargic? Model Sister Kristy Shares Her Lockdown Fitness Routine

The lockdown has all of us bogged down and possibly feeling more lethargic than ever before. Sure, when this all first started out, there were fun workout videos and challenges. But now, inactivity seems to have settled in.

But, this is not the case for everyone. Somewhere, there is a stunning hustler who models as a career. But she’s more than just lounging in a lacy bra or perched on the end of a bed with matching lingerie. She’s also a one-woman team who has professional lighting, camera, and does her own hair and makeup. 

It’s just her alone in the apartment, taking photo after photo to get the best picture. It’s all in a day’s work for Sister Kristy. But, lately, it isn’t the only thing that she has been doing. Kristy has recently decided not to fall prey to unnecessary weight gain during the lockdown and instead has curated a careful fitness regimen. Plus, her diet has now changed to include more whole foods and veggie-goodness.

Since 2016, Kristy has been grinding away at breaking into a tough industry. But this social media sensation and model has not backed down. In fact, with 122K followers on Instagram and her own website, it’s safe to say that she’s good at what she does, even during a pandemic.

The stay-at-home restrictions can’t slow down a social media star. More time home alone means more time working. But being at home imposed some other challenges for this self-made model. 

Eating right and maintaining an exercise routine when your usual world is evolving is a task many had to face recently, including Kristy. As with most other aspects of her life, she championed on and has emerged on the backside of the COVID-19 pandemic as a healthier and more fit Sister Kristy.

Seeing the free time that the stay-at-home order has dictated as an opportunity, Kristy decided to devote more time to herself and her health. Hiring a personal trainer was the key to jumpstarting her new endeavor. 

This first step provided the boundaries that she needed to begin a new routine. Kristy explains, “We work out three times a week. One day is legs/booty, one day is arms, and one is back. And usually, the first ten minutes on each session is cardio, and the last five minutes is spent doing abs.”

Kristy has total faith in her trainer, saying that most of his clients are models and women in general, so he knows what works. Not only is her trainer keeping her fit on the outside, but he is also fueling her inner health. He provides a weekly meal plan suited to her specific needs and goals. 

Kristy says that he keeps the program pretty basic because she is not a very good cook. But she does have one favorite that she’s willing to share. “One of my most healthy things to eat is a taco bowl. It’s rice, ground turkey, lettuce, cucumber, black beans, and salsa on top. If I could eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I totally would!” Another every day go-to is a smoothie made with protein powder, almond milk, frozen fruit, and a banana.

Kristy has undoubtedly made the most out of quarantine. Deciding to work on herself has proven to be one of her most significant accomplishments. Now that the country is beginning to reopen, Kristy can return to a more familiar routine with newfound confidence. And while others are emerging from the rubble that COVID-19 created, Kristy is on top of the world. 

It’s okay if you are feeling inactive. But, if the mood strikes, maybe think about starting some smoothies or working on those legs and booty, like model Sister Kristy.

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