Keith Jackson, CEO Of Exclusive PR, Is Helping Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Build Authority And Credibility By Separating Themselves From The Competition

As more people step into their entrepreneurial spirits and start their own businesses, the competition in local communities, states and online spaces will continue to grow.

You can increase your chances of people choosing your business if you have a strategic online presence—but not just any online presence.

You need to build authority and gain credibility to outshine your competitors. Having your own website and social media are not enough to convince someone that you’re a top choice.

So how do you outshine your competitors? Here are 3 ways by public relations specialists at Exclusive PR.

Exclusive Media Exposure

Media exposure is essential to building authority. You do this by getting published in high authority spaces online.

One way to do this is to publish articles in major publications. Another way is to appear as a guest on popular podcasts. These two methods are great starting points to assert authority and expertise. It will also turn recognition into revenue because your target audience will see your business as the go-to service.

Exclusive Online Authority

The reality is, people will always do their own research when searching for the best of the best.

For example; Your friend might refer you to their real estate agent, but upon doing research, you find another real estate agent who has articles in top real estate and entrepreneurial publications. Because this agent is published on various sites, you’ll likely perceive them as more established, credible and valuable.

This is the power of online authority. You and your business are more likely to gain clients if your expertise is shared on sites with authority.

Exclusive Market Domination

You may have ambitions to completely dominate your market. Most consider this the ultimate measure of success. This move requires unseating the current market leader or attracting customers from your competitor to your business.

The ultimate goal here is to leverage all channels and possibilities to achieve your goal. Common practice is to examine and compare your business’s value propositions, product/service development, cost-leadership strategy, credibility, customer service, visibility and engagement in media and digital platforms and more.

These are all ways to separate yourself from the competition, and Exclusive PR can help do just that.

Build Authority and Credibility with Exclusive PR

Keith Jackson is an entrepreneur and PR specialist from the Portland metropolitan area in Oregon.

After attending Lower Columbia College for its auto program—a dream of his as a car enthusiast—he decided to change course and pursue a career in sales, per his mentor’s advice.

For a while, he was selling advertisements on hotel key cards. While it wasn’t his favorite job, he knew he would gain invaluable skills that he could carry into future ventures.

And he was right.

This decision led to him to get a job as a Xerox salesman where he made impressive sales and turned profit. After about 2 years, he was laid off, but this pushed him to put all his energy into a new idea—Exclusive PR. In that same month, he got his first client and has been serving business executives ever since.

Exclusive PR is an international Authority Building agency. With most of their clientele in the US, they also have clients in Paris, Australia, and Canada. They offer press, publications, podcast placements, digital marketing and much more to entrepreneurs and business executives who are seeking more visibility and authority in their market.

Jackson and his team aim to help their clients achieve sustainable results by forming long-term relationships and finding solid solutions.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and want to gain authority online, contact Exclusive PR today.

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