Keithen Lewis and the Closing Agency is Helping Digital Marketing Agencies Scale

Founder of The Closing AgencyKeithen Lewis, takes pride in the number of digital marketing agency owners placing their faith in his team. Together, their team has closed tens of millions of dollars in online sales within the first year in business. They have helped half a dozen seven-figure agencies and over 25 six-figure agencies scale their digital marketing businesses. The team uses proven closing tactics to boost profits while decreasing overhead costs to help the agency reach its goals and scale its digital marketing business.

With extensive experience as a closer, Lewis started The Closing Agency in 2020. He leveraged his knowledge of the dynamics of closers, lead generation, and agency owners to develop a business that maintains world-class service for all three. Lewis recognized how this could be a unique benefit to the marketplace and fill a void in the digital marketing world.

Lewis stated that “Sales and persuasion have always been a passion of mine. I am a national champion debater, so I suppose some of my love for rhetoric and competitiveness stems from that experience.”His goal is to help digital marketing agencies scale by offering a service that helps them close more deals. He wanted to give businesses the tools and share proven tactics that set the companies up for success, allowing them to enjoy the same fantastic results to grow and effectively scale.

While most sales-related businesses often pair a sales rep with a client and leave it up to the sales rep to close the deal, this tactic usually leads to poor results. There is another way to achieve better results. This is by providing continued training and effectively managing sales representatives to ensure goals are consistently met or exceeded, resulting in ideal performance.

This is the main aspect that sets The Closing Agency apart from their competition. Their team will train and place sales reps with clients while continuously managing and training them. In addition to this, the team conducts consistent evaluations with the sales rep, and together they brainstorm ways that can improve the number of closed deals. Their continued training and unbeatable follow-up tactics ensure their closers maintain a solid closing rate and outperform almost all the competition.

Lewis’ launch of The Closing Agency allows digital marketing agencies to connect with a company specializing in closing deals and focuses on each agency to help determine the best ways to boost their profit margins. Working with experienced closers is a way for businesses to reach their goals by putting in a small investment for big results.

Beginning at the age of 17 as a closer for high ticket digital marketing services, Lewis is well-rounded on digital marketing shifts and what is needed to consistently close deals. Over the last three and a half years, Lewis has had the opportunity to close over $1 million in sales for other digital marketing agencies, giving him the experience to start The Closing Agency.

As a service-based business, The Closing Agency’s goal is to help digital marketing agencies outsource their sales and lead generation to increase their profit margins and decrease overhead costs. For more information about working with the team at the Closing Agency, please visit their website.

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