Kelsey Nicole Continues to Rise as One of the Top Talents in the Entrepreneurial World

It is always very surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who have tried to do the ‘different’ and ‘unusual’ in their chosen industries. These individuals, especially the women brigade, have shown what it really takes to become the best in the business world. Also, one cannot deny the fact that most of the business industries have been male-dominated, but some women professionals have totally spellbound people with their courage and passion and have broken the glass ceiling of the vast entrepreneurial world saturated with men.

Women all across the world have been rising high, all thanks to their unending enthusiasm and confidence to take on their dreams and turn the same into a beautiful reality for themselves. We came across one such passionate and driven woman entrepreneur from Houston, Texas, named Kelsey Nicole, who has amazed people with her business acumen and her dexterity to take her businesses to the next level.

Since the very beginning, if anything has ever motivated Kelsey Nicole the most, it was the idea to create something of her own, something that she could take pride in for the rest of her life. This motivated her to jump into the vast entrepreneurial world and today; she has reached an influential position in the media and talent management industry as she also prepares to release her debut book. When asked “What is fashion to you?, the beautiful entrepreneur says, “Fashion reminds me of myself, it’s forever evolving and you can’t box it into one category!”.

She is the brain behind her business in Artist Management and Relations and over the last decade she has relentlessly worked her way to the top through her firm ‘KN Management’, which is all about media services, talent/brand management, production coordination, dealing with models, actors and more as the creative director and the founder and CEO of the firm.

In 2021, Kelsey Nicole is working on various forms of engaging digital content exclusively for her social media platforms. To know more, follow her on Instagram now @itskelseynicole_.

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