Ken Llamas is Helping People Multiply Their Cryptocurrency Portfolios

Ken started around in mid of 2017 when he was going through an early life crisis while at college. He was stressed from nursing exams and the pressure from his parents He thought he was destined to live a 9-5 life but never really knew what it meant till towards the end of the college years.

Soon he realized that this wasn’t the life he wanted to live. Ken wanted to be financially free, that’s when his journey of learning started.

Ken discovered cryptocurrency and money-making online businesses at age 21 when he was in college.

Soon then, within 6 months, he made around $15K and dropped out before the last semester of college.

He started a YouTube channel about how to invest in cryptocurrency, altcoins using his unconventional methods which helped others turn $1000 into $10K, $10K into 6-Figures.

With all his hard work and determination, he grew the YouTube channel from 0 – 10K in less than 2 months. 

Life-changing moments for Ken

Ken is grateful for being able to help people. He teaches people to make money by investing in cryptocurrency regardless of any starting investment which has allowed them to pay off their debts, travel the world, quit their jobs, pay for their college education. 

Wise Words From Ken

Ken’s strategies are unconventional and mid-high risk. This is what delivers the greatest return in a short period. “I provide very clear and upfront honest reviews on the projects that I invest in. I show my failed projects and show my successful projects. I even show me investing over $50,000 in a project that I fully believe in”, Ken remarked. 

Ken’s Inspiration

What inspired Ken to go all-in was the fact he never wanted to work in a job ever and worry about money. Ken said, ‘I know that the only way to do that is to take bigger risks, most of which has paid off 10x.

I went all-in on my business and it generates me over 6-Figures per year. I went all-in on crypto and it made me half a million. I believe that if you half-ass anything. You’re going to get half-assed results.”

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