Kevin Cruz of Skyscraper Construction LLC is the Leading Certified General Contractor in Florida

Located in Miami, Florida, Skyscraper Construction LLC is a licensed (CGC 1531215) and insured construction company that specializes in all aspects of the commercial construction industry.

CEO & Founder, Kevin Cruz explains that the company’s ethics were founded on the belief that safer practices in construction equal more jobs for workers. Cruz believes that the future of construction needs to be built around efficiency, environmental awareness, and safer practices that will provide more jobs for workers.

Success is using previous failures as stepping stones for self-improvement. – Kevin Cruz

Keeping it local is an important principle to Skyscraper Construction. Cruz explains, “ As a company, we continually review our network of suppliers and contractors to ensure that all uphold the core business values that we consider essential. Our core values revolve around business integrity, high quality service, innovative solutions, and great results.”

30 Years of Experience in the Miami Construction Industry

Cruz explains that he was introduced to the industry by his father. He describes his experience, “After my father came to the US, he started working for a construction company. It was unfortunate at the time, but the company ended up letting him go due to financial struggles and favoritism. He was the last one to be hired, so he was the first to go.” That experience prompted Cruz’s father to start his own business, so it ended up being a good thing.

Cruz started helping his father with side jobs and going to job sites with him at just fourteen years old. He started learning more and more about the trade. Cruz was acquiring a great deal of hands-on job training. His father convinced him that the construction industry would provide him with lots of opportunities for growth and that the work would be both interesting and fulfilling.

He agreed and earned his State Certified General Contracting license. He launched his own business in 2020 and is now pursuing his passion for the craft, building and serving commercial clients and high end luxury homes.

Project Managers in the Miami Area

Skyscraper Construction LLC only works with the best in the industry. “We are currently interested in interviewing Project Managers living in the Miami area who will add value to our rapidly growing business.

In just a few short years, I plan on managing multiple construction managers who are as passionate as I am and who come ready to crush it week after week. The company’s goal is to do 500 million in sales/ revenue and to begin building skyscrapers in the beautiful city of Miami.”

Skyscraper Construction LLC offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

Construction Management
Commercial Construction
Design + Build
Luxury Custom Homes & Remodel
Luxury Condo Renovation & Build-Outs
Concrete Restoration
Commercial Caulking & Waterproofing & Expansion Joints

To become a client, visit:, email Call: (786) 220-6915

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