Kevin Fornier: Tapping Into Universal Forces to Ignite His Bold Vision

Kevin Fornier is a leading coach to today’s best disruptors and outliers who are driven by a bold vision. He is also the founder and host of the Masters of Manifestation Summit and is commonly known as an inspiring outlier.

Having gained a track record of straight A’s in everything he did, as well as being ahead of his classes throughout his college Master’s Degree, he worked hard to achieve his “dream life” which consisted of a US$ 50k+/year salary as a HR Manager at the head office of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Having been delegated many corporate and team management responsibilities, he served multiple industries in his career such as building construction, recruitment firms, aeronautic, and aerospatial.

But inside, he wasn’t satisfied with the conventional 9-5 life. His life took a turn for the worse as he suffered severe depression that lasted several months.

After quitting his job and spending 1 year backpacking around South-east Asia in 2017, Fornier realized that the outside-in approach to life couldn’t bring him fulfillment. The appearance of the life of a world traveler didn’t make him any happier than the one of a young corporate leader.

Fornier then started to re-create his world from the inside-out by using his minds power and the universes natural laws. It was from there that everything began to shift, leading him to become a coach and bring to life the Masters of Manifestation Summit – an online summit on 1-10 December, 2020.

Nobody “Needs” Coaching

The disruptive entrepreneurs and CEO’s of the 21st century are those with a vision so big and bold that they are trapped in wondering “how to get there.” When they are ready to be vulnerable enough to dare to be coached towards their heartfelt ideas, intuitions, callings, and visions, they can then let go of the mentality that they can do it all by themselves and instead open themselves to the unknown.

Fornier states that coaching must come from a place of willingness, not neediness.

“Do you prefer to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who needs to be in a relationship with you, or one who sincerely wants to be with you? Well, it’s similar to coaching.”

They become even more creative, courageous, committed, and even start to be leaders who inspire others to do the same.

Fornier aligns himself with the coaching style of helping leaders uplift their self-image, align themselves (mentally, intellectually, and emotionally) with their vision and, make them take the scary and needed steps to get closer to what they have always desired to achieve—all without apparent efforts.

Paving the Way for a Spiritual Revolution

We have reached a certain level in society where we understand that money is needed, and is healthy and good when used virtuously. But now, money isn’t the only goal. Purpose and the need for fulfillment, which are both the foundation of the shift of this century (which Kevin calls “the spiritual revolution”), start to become an essential component in people’s desires.

Manifestation is taking a leap of faith towards an idea/intuition to materialize it into physical form by defying time, space, and common sense. It is a whole new approach to achieving goals by assuming that “your beliefs create your reality.”

The Masters of Manifestation summit covers all topics where spirituality meets business. The summit was created for three reasons. The first reason is to give people faith in life and themselves to pursue their ideas and intuitions. The second reason is to prove that hustling and working harder and harder are old fashioned ways to succeed. And the third reason is to highlight that exponential success takes place when we merge spirituality into business.

Go for what you intuitively want, no matter what others think.

We need to encourage people to trust themselves, risk going for what they intuitively want no matter what others think, and have them understand that there is far more to experiment in life than being a corporate leader.

Most people think your bank account measures success. But the truth is that real success takes place when the majority of your waking up in the morning is done with a smile.

As Jim Carrey once said, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dream of, so they can see that it is not the answer.”

The answer appears to the courageous and vulnerable ones who dare to look within, surrender to their intuitions, do what feels right for them even if it is controversial, and act with faith as if they knew that their success was guaranteed. From both Fornier’s own experience and his clients’ ones, he knows that this is where the magic happens.

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