Kevin Gani – Musical Expert and Entrepreneur

Kevin Gani

With the global music industry raking in profits of over $20 billion, it can be challenging for musicians, mix engineers or producers to stand out from the crowd as there are millions of people involved in the music-making process. However, Kevin Gani is different. Gani was born in Botswana and raised in many locations around the world, from Kansas City to Moscow, Berlin and London.

Each of these locations has added to Gani’s awareness of the world and the many cultures in it. He combines these cultures to create fusion within the music that he makes and produces and to connect with other artists across the globe. Based in London now, Gani has an extraordinary and multi-faceted career – he is undoubtedly a name to remember.

Experienced Musician

Growing up, Kevin Gani was inspired by the likes of Dr Dre and later influenced by giants such as Hit Boy and Oz, Gani understood the importance of diversifying your skills in the music sphere. As well as focusing on his music, he has also established himself as a skilled producer, collaborating with a variety of artists from around the world, such as his recent collaborations on Bugzy Malone’s latest album which is now in the UK’s Official Charts Top 10. Gani understands the importance of learning from others and uses these collaborations to expand his skillset and develop relationships in the industry.


Aside from his musical mastery, Gani is a successful entrepreneur. He has been a co-owner and board member of PXL records for the past three years. Within this role, he has expanded the record labels influence and signed a new artist who has since entered the top 20 in the black music charts.

Gani understands the importance of promoting fellow black musicians and their music and has focused on this throughout his extensive career, as well as working with artists from many other backgrounds.

Furthermore, Kevin Gani is also a member of the exclusive Entrepreneur Leadership Network, which educates millions of entrepreneurs worldwide. The network has been around for over 40 years and provides content for small businesses, helping them source, manage and grow their company.

Entry into this network is highly sought-after and only awarded after an application and interview with a select committee.  Gani understands the importance of giving back and shares his experience with others as much as he can.


As well as his musical talents and prowess in the business sphere, Gani is also a refined academic, holding a degree in Business Management and a Masters degree in Project Management from a reputable English university. His Masters’ thesis focused on the psychology of management, which has undoubtedly allowed him to flourish in other aspects of his career.


It is clear that Kevin Gani is more than just a talented musician or experienced record producer. Gani excels in all aspects of his life and is constantly striving to improve his knowledge and skillset. By combining his business, academic and musical talents, Gani has become a force to be reckoned with on the global music stage. Those who work with him will forever remember his name, and you should too.

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