Kevin Ko : Helping Beginners and Investors in Unique Spaces

Kevin Ko is a man of many talents. But his primary talent is his ability to overcome everything in his way to success. Along with this, he is known as a crypto specialist. This is an article to showcase his prior business experience, as well as his current Commercial Real Estate experience.

In fact, even though a lot of people have years of experience in this particular field, they cannot usually express it through their businesses. However, Kevin is a man of great values and his years of experience into this field has allowed him to be a complete expert.

He has been a serial entrepreneur his whole life. Indeed, serial entrepreneurs like Kevin are very hard to find because not everyone can actually bring their strategies into life, building a perfect business environment for themselves as well as the people who work with them.

He started a Cold-pressed Juice shop called Instapressed back in 2014. And successfully built the brand and image and sold it. Although it is difficult for small businesses to grow from a particular stage because of the economy, he managed to do so flawlessly.

He also started from ground up the Aloha Coffee in Honolulu, HI into a successful business, that he will be selling in the next month. This is where life takes a whole new different twist, when he suddenly started to venture into some different fields other than his business enterprises that he had established himself.

Kevin is currently a Commerical Broker for Industrial market in Honolulu. He is under Commercial Asset Advisors, as a full time broker.

His passion has always been investing, and seeking new opportunities. People usually do not realise how difficult it is for investors to know the market properly come up but Kevin has achieved a lot through his research knowledge. Last year, he got into sports cars, and helped broker hundreds of deals. Soon people would reach out to him all on their own, to find the next hot item.

As it is rightfully said, a man with a plan is going to achieve anything. Kevin has been involved in the crypto space since 2017. Educating people about crypto, as well has helping clients formulate portfolios based on their risk tolerance. He has, till date, established over 1000 portfolios from your average joe, to Hollywood celebrities and even social media influencers.

Kevin has been working under the radar for a couple of years, but with the launch of Crypto Kingz, he finally wishes to expose himself publicly. Throught the said platform, he would like to help others get an exposure in the space, and educate them on managing their risk. He believes that Cryptocurrency is the future, and would like to capitalize on that market.

If you wish to know more about him, you’ll find him here :

  • Instapressed on Yelp
  • Aloha Coffee on Yelp
  • IG: kevinyko

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