Key Things to Consider When Developing a Safer Workplace

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Establishing a new business in Ireland can be hugely exciting, but there is a massive amount to consider when making the move.

For instance, you will need to have a clear vision as to what your organization will specialize in, while you will also have to consider marketing strategies and how you intend to spread the message about your products and services. As you expand, there will also be issues to address like recruitment, as well as what your roadmap is for moving forward.

However, while all of these are incredibly important, another crucial element that business owners must look at is health and safety. After all, you will want to ensure that your workers can do their job free from any potential risks.

Major consequences

The figures around safety in the workplace are incredibly worrying. According to the International Labour Organization, there is a region of 340 million occupational accidents worldwide every year, while 160 million people are also affected by work-related illnesses.

The body added that the construction industry has a particularly high rate of incidents, while data also suggests that young and older workers are particularly vulnerable.

Such figures are undoubtedly shocking, but it should be remembered that such incidents could affect more than just the individuals involved. After all, businesses may experience some consequences about their operations. For instance, there is always the potential that you could be left facing legal claims.

McGinley Solicitors outlines how a personal injury claim is legal action taken after a person is injured as a result of the negligence of others. It also lists some of the common types of injury claims and a few of these could relate to work activities.

For instance, they include spinal and back injuries, head and brain injuries, road traffic accidents, and accidents in public places.

With that in mind, it seems fairly apparent that health and safety should be on the agenda of any responsible business.

Know your duties

So, if you are expanding your business venture or taking on employees for the first time, what kind of issues should you bear in mind regarding their safety?

Your first port of call should be leading organizations specializing in the subject. There is plenty of detail available online, but you should consider looking at bodies like the Health and Safety Authority. The organization’s website features a range of guidance on health and safety, such as the duties of an employer.

It explains how key steps include designing a safe place of work and providing information and training to employees. In addition, the body adds that employees have a duty to comply with laws and cooperate with their employers regarding safety and welfare.

The Health and Safety Authority also goes on to examine the benefits of being proactive on the issue of health and safety. It suggests that proper management of safety will not only cut the chances of an accident but may also boost staff morale, reduce absences and potentially save money as well.

Other issues to consider

Once you have a clear idea of your responsibilities in the area, what else should you explore? Well, another issue to look at could be insurance.

As Liberty Insurance details, employers’ liability insurance could ensure you can pay compensation for workplace injuries and illnesses. It adds that the cover is not compulsory in the Republic of Ireland, but it is certainly worth exploring.

Another step that business owners should consider is arranging some first aid training for the workforce. While we can all do our best to keep workplaces as safe as possible, it is an unfortunate truth that accidents can and do happen. With that in mind, it may be best to be prepared for such situations by having specialists who can provide support.

Organizations like Lantra Awards offer emergency first aid at work training, with its one-day course covering key techniques for support. This includes administering CPR, supporting those who are choking, and helping individuals who are wounded. The site adds that certification is valid for two years, so further training would be required for recertification.

Top of the agenda

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding, but it undoubtedly comes with many different responsibilities. Health and safety is something that should be at the top of the agenda and there are many aspects to consider when getting to grips with it.

Hopefully, the information above has given you some pointers on where, to begin with, the issue, but advice and support on the subject could also prove vital. Getting the right approach to health and safety may prove crucial as you target a bright future full of business success.

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