Keyshawn Butler: Teaming Up to Toosie Slide Into Stardom

As influencers are becoming the new celebrities, it’s no different for this social media personality and entertainer, Keyshawn Butler. Well recognized for his video content published on Instagram and his flourishing Youtube channel, Key is a rising self-taught dancer and producer. His increasing success and follower count goes to show how much passion can translate through our screens to fuel a community invested in the growth of smaller artists and sick dance moves.

Having gained a quarter million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Key has been interested in freestyle and dance from the start of his internet journey. After following and watching other popular contemporary dancers in the hip-hop scene, it eventually encouraged him to refine his own dance skills. Expanding his brand with his @HiiiKey Instagram account, Key began posting short videos to showcase his talent to a wider audience. 

Butler has more recently been focusing on being a music producer and working on beats with friends and viral artists, Ayo & Teo. Topping the charts with their single, “Rolex,” the group with another friend, public figure, and dancer, Toosie, who all took part in choreographing Canadian rapper, Drake’s newest single “Toosie Slide,” which is the quickest-growing trend on TikTok to reach one billion video views.

Initially branded as “RichHomieKey” in 2015, Butler is now better known for his alias, “HiiiKey.” Reaching four hundred and ninety-eight thousand followers on Instagram, he uses this account to post mainly hyped dance and choreography videos. Also utilizing the Triller and Dubsmash platforms, Key has collaborated with many popular dancers and social media personalities on his videos. Streetwear is also played up with his appreciation for shoe collecting and trending fashion.

Toward the fall of 2016, Key released a YouTube video where he matched his dance steps to the music of internet-famous rapper, Shake Feet. The same year, he participated in a dance challenge named the “Hoopty Challenge.” Key also collaborated with Russell Horning, better known as “Backpack Kid,” who is another young talent that built a viral following for his incredible dance moves. Key had a great time syncing his steps to Russell’s free-flowing dance moves and his signature deadpan expressions.

During 2017, Key gave a rocking performance at Creekside High School in Florida and took part in the internet viral dance face-off “Do Your Dance.” Since then, he’s been dancing with his gang of friends and produced music for the #KeepUpChallenge on social media, and performing in music videos for big artists, including being featured in the Netflix film, Honey 4: Rise Up & Dance.

This North Carolina native continues to rise in the industry as a daring double threat, dancing and producing. A self-taught musician and social media influencer, Key contributes his outgoing personality and killer networking skills to some of his success. Keep up with Keyshawn on his YouTube channel or Instagram account.

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