Kfir Amos Shares His Best Advice On How To Become A Professional Social Media Manager

Many self-claimed social media experts declare to know the one and only secret formula for successful social media marketing. Content that goes viral online is increasingly emerging and is what every marketer is striving for. 

Therefore, business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to leave the advertising and marketing expertise to professional social media managers with proven concepts to achieve consistent success.

Some marketing professionals, such as Kfir Amos, the owner of Bay Tech Media, shared his proven methods of creating a social media success that works for any business with us. He suggests having a fundamental knowledge of web marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design is crucial for any online success.

Rather than chasing the next best trend on social media, trying to give it a unique spin, spending hours producing mindless content, and throwing spaghetti against the wall, some decide to take their business to the next level and have a mindful strategy in place. 

Here are a few easy-to-implement tips that anyone can start with today:

Bond with your clients

As a professional social media manager, it’s very easy to get drawn into chasing numbers when running a social media account. However, statistics and analytics create the basis for successful marketing on such platforms.

Being on the same page with the client you manage the account for is essential to provide the desired outcome. Know your KPIs, and come up with a long-term and actionable plan. Be certain about the goals and be flexible on the approach. This will turn you into a marketing leader and create a collaborative relationship with your clients and their suggestions.

“Your focus with each customer needs to be ‘Do much more, care a lot more,'” Amos stated. “You have to be open regarding any type of comments or feedback. With this principle in mind, it can help you develop strong bonds and partnerships with your client as your social media company grows.”

Drive more engagement

One of the main goals of being present on social media and utilizing the different platforms is to generate more business and increase profits. Therefore, focusing on driving more engagement and proactively opening up a conversation with your followers is one of the most vital mechanisms to improve your conversation rate.

“Only having a high number of likes on your posts won’t generate you any more business.” the CEO explained. “It’s vital to get in touch with your audience and initiate an open conversation. You can listen socially and learn more about their desires and needs. This is the most effective way to create customer outcome-driven results online.”

You also want to work with social media algorithms and not against them. For example, platforms such as Facebook or Instagram publically encourage that they favor content with many comments because it shows high relevancy and a buzz around a brand or product.

Choose your clients wisely 

As a professional social media manager, having successful case studies in your portfolio with convincing results will create more trust with prospects and generate more future business. Their primary focus is to get big names as clients. 

However, Kfir Amos suggests going down a different route. Start supporting small businesses, deliver significant results and turn small accounts into big ones. 

“It’s important to support small and local businesses to help them achieve the awareness and recognition they deserve,” Amos said. “Creating a strong community is also fundamental to their business success. The most successful entrepreneurs truly believe in helping others and creating a better world.”

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