Khalifa Awadh ALMuhairi Shares His Professional Success in the UAE

Khalifa Awadh ALMuhairi is one of the first individuals from the United Arab Emirates to document an all start-up process via social media. He is paving the way for young entrepreneurs in his country using his wide library of content which has over 500 unique entries. Before turning 28, Khalifa, who’s more popularly known online as KALM, has more than six businesses to his name by using his talent and innate leadership skills.

One of KALM’s first businesses is a coffee shop inspired by French cuisine and culture, which is called Rue 71. Since launching the coffee shop in 2017, there was no stopping him from putting up other companies to solidify his financial freedom. Because of his boldness as a young entrepreneur, KALM earned a seat as the youngest member of the Ministry of Economy’s SME council.

Other notable companies KALM has to his name include Huna by the Pond (Saudi owned company), another food business serving customers in the Al Qouz Pond Park. He also co-founded the branding agency called Hint CC which then branched out to become KPMS ( a project management service company ), which is currently based in Dubai. Moreover, KALM launched Kuhp, a soft serve ice-cream company.

KALM shared that he faced numerous challenges when he started with his first business, and things became tougher when he started managing multiple companies. Since he had no solid background in business management, he had to learn everything from the ground up, using the internet as his source for help. KALM adds that most of the things he learned about business came from people from other parts of the world.

According to KALM, small and medium-sized enterprises were having a hard time trying to keep up with the changing needs of people in the UAE. He realized that there’s a serious gap in his country for fresh graduates who are trying to build their own business empires. KALM thought that he could be the one to fill in this gap through training using video tutorials and other valuable resources.

KALM raised money to finally start his own business after months of learning the ins and outs of business management. When he felt like he had the credibility to teach others, he started utilizing his social media pages to share his knowledge. KALM went to YouTube to share short videos about running a business where most of his audience members were also young entrepreneurs.

In a short period, KALM has inspired countless young businessmen to be courageous with their every decision. He has over 90,000 followers on all social media platforms, who have gained access to his lessons in entrepreneurship. KALM feels blessed to lead a generation of entrepreneurs in his country and prove that nobody is too young to become a successful business leader.

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