Khalil Rizq is Changing Lives and Having fun With his Music Skills

The average person waits for the opportunity to come to him in order to use it, while the exceptional man creates opportunity after opportunity to achieve his dreams and ambitions. This is exactly the wisdom adopted by Khalil Saeed Rizq in his life, since he was still a young man, he used to go through experiments and adventures in all fields, he did not leave a field that aroused his interest unless he fought in it and achieved success that many aspire to.

Khalil Rizq started his career as a programmer in 2000, he used to go under the nickname DRA, the same name he still use in his Instagram account. Since he hadn’t gone to a university like the average programmer, he worked extremely hard to stay on top of his game. But before this date, Khalil was working in various fields, in order to build his own life entirely on himself. Meanwhile, other recreational interests, such as practicing martial arts and playing music, constituted a large part of his daily routine. He considered that psychological comfort and enjoying life is as important as working to achieve dreams.

Having scaled the heights of success as a programmer without a college education is not a small achievement. Khalil considers his community to have played a major role in uplifting him. When he found success, he thought about giving back to his community. In 2002 Khalil started a non-profit organization to equip the handicapped with programming skills so that they would look for employment and become self-reliant.

In his free time, he writes down his thoughts on different subjects. He doesn’t charge for his writings, as he considers it a way of giving back to the community that built his path.

Playing and composing music has always been Khalil’s favorite pastime. Today, Khalil is one of the most successful musicians and his music can be found on many streaming platforms online, his music varies and express his emotional moments and modern life issues.

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