Kids On Wheelz: How Exciting it is to Gift A Car to Your Kid!

Children are always influenced by superheroes and adventurous games. Every kid sees himself as a superhero, chases the enemies, tears them apart, and protects the world. It may seem exaggerated for adults, but for children, dreams always float in their eyes. To let kids live through such fantasies with utmost safety measures, Karan S Pansi has led a great initiative called Kids on Wheelz.

Kids on Wheelz is founded in 2018 to provide the highest quality Ride-on cars to kids with utmost safety measures. It is based out of Canada, providing online services. For those bored of regular barbie dolls and remote-controlled toys, these ride-on cars are a great option. With the advent of innovative technology, we have come this far where children can feel the luxury of brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz with great safety concerns.

There is a wide range of collections available at Kids on Wheelz. They come with variants like two-seat ride-on, one-seat ride-ons, electric cars, and scooters. Some of their best-selling one-seat ride-on are LAMBORGHINI SIAN 4WD 12V, MERCEDES BENZ AMG GTR 12V, Ride on Car 12v Mclaren 720S, and MERCEDES BENZ G63 6×6 RIDE ON CAR 12V PARENT SEAT.

Jeep Wrangler 2 Seater 12V Electric Ride-On, DUNE BUGGY KIDS RIDE ON 24V 2 SEATER – CAMO EDITION, MERCEDES BENZ UNIMOG ATV 24V 2 SEATER, and LIFTED JEEP MONSTER EDITION RIDE ON CAR 12V are some of the best-selling two-seat ride-ons. All these variants come in a range of different colours like white, black, blue, red, and lime.

Apart from the ride-on cars, Kids on Wheelz also offering on-demand products like baby walkers, hoverboards, remote control cars, figurines, and stem toys. All these toys are available in popular brands, including WonderFold, Radio-Flyer, Seqway-Ninebot, and many more. They also provide batteries at reasonable prices for a smoother and uninterrupted ride.

What makes kids on Wheelz stand out from others is the licensed, certified, and thoroughly tested safe products. The 15-day return policy is the trust builder for most parents. No wonder parents and children are loving to shop at Kids on Wheelz.

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