Kieran Lewis on Trend Spotting & 7 Figure Losses

When a report revealed last year that the digital economy had grown by ten years in the span of mere months, it was a wake-up call for many.

Today’s guest wasn’t surprised.

From coding games in his bedroom at 15, to launching online proxy servers – the precursor to VPNs which many of us now use – Kieran Lewis is no stranger to being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

“The pandemic was something that accelerated the speed of change. Digitalization has always been inevitable”, says Kieran.

Kieran’s first success was with eLearning products that grossed millions of dollars in revenue.

After running those businesses he branched into the world of startups and angel investing, where he’s proven his ability to predict trends before they take off.

“I invested in Molekule, an air filtration company, back in 2015 on AngelList [a popular site founded by Naval Ravikant which connects investors with startups]. It’s now one of only a handful of companies with FDA clearance for removing Coronaviruses from the air.”

Molekule is now experiencing record growth, having raised millions of dollars in venture capital and attracting celebrity investors like fellow Brit Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones series.

“Another company I invested in was Camden Town Brewery because I saw how popular craft beers were starting to become, and that was quickly acquired by the owners of Budweiser for north of $100M. Then there’s Nutmeg, which is basically an AI driven robot investor here in the UK… that was just bought recently by JP Morgan, a couple years after I invested.”

According to Reuters, Nutmeg was acquired by JP Morgan for just shy of $1 billion.

Today he shares his knowledge with thousands of followers, writing about everything from building wealth to digital marketing, something he specialises in. He also has a seat on the prestigious Leadership Network.

These days, Kieran is back to building. He has active projects in in the chatbot and e-Learning industries.

“I’m working on angel investments in these areas as well as building my own companies – the chatbot industry is booming now, and e-Learning is one of the biggest industries in the world. It’s an exciting time for both.”

His bot startup, Aminos, provide a chatbot platform to help other businesses and agencies create bots for their customers.

“If you were to look at the chatbot industry as a whole, there’s about $7billion being spent as a result of retail interactions withbots, and that’s expected to grow by 20X in the coming years.”

Thousands of Aminos bots have been created to this point, generating new leads for the businesses that use them. The bots can also be used for more complex tasks like collecting data for track & trace purposes, or conducting surveys.

What other sectors is Kieran optimistic about?

“I’m excited about telehealth, so I’ve invested in that space recently. I’m still involved in the e-learning space, and I’m ready to make bigger investments there soon.”

Kieran has shown that he’s innovative and usually ahead of the curve. But don’t get carried away — he makes his fair share of mistakes too.

“I had a lot of money invested in Tesla, years back”, he shares. He was bullish on the company, but sold his stock in 2018 for a modest gain.

If he had held on, he’d have made a seven-figure profit at today’s stock price.

“‘I don’t dwell on it,” he says. “On to the next one.”

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