Kieran O’Brien Explains How COVID-19 Has Impacted global business 

Kieran O’Brien on how the role of digital marketing has changed throughout the pandemic

Kieran O'Brien Explains How COVID-19 Has Impacted global business
Kieran O'Brien Explains How COVID-19 Has Impacted global business

In the world of digital technology and online business opportunities, entrepreneurs are younger and more thriving than ever. Amidst the global pandemic, CEO Kieran O’Brien explains how COVID-19 has impacted business on a worldwide scale.

Kieran O’Brien may only be 20-years-old, but he is a CEO, founder, social media expert, and digital marketer. He founded GearedSocial four years ago, a digital marketing agency specializing in the automotive industry.

This agency is unique, and due to its being niche, it is thriving amidst the pandemic. Kieran suggests how beneficial the pandemic has been for new, niche, and modern businesses. Those businesses that are online and available instantly have grown exponentially since COVID-19 hit.

With more people being at home and relying on technology, there has been a rise in digital business successes, with GearedSocial being one of them.

GearedSocial uses social media primarily to attract audiences, attain new clients, and build brand awareness. The idea of so many people being at home due to the pandemic is something every business should take advantage of, suggests Kieran. More people than ever are using social media and online businesses to source products and services. Thus, having your business present online will help it become more successful and well-known.

Kieran believes that to thrive in any business, you have to create your own luck, be adaptable, and be on time. With social media being instantly accessible and a hub people from all walks of life use, it is a platform that businesses should utilize to attract diverse audiences to grow their business. During a time when so many people are relying on technology and online services, it is a chance for new businesses to come to life and grow online.


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